Madly Sexy Cover of Rolling Stone!

Available on newsstands tomorrow, Rolling Stone's latest issue is out and the cover is steaming Mad Men HOT!! Featuring the stars of the Emmy Award winning show (from l-r): Elisabeth Moss, January Jones, Jon Hamm, and redhead femme fatale Christina Hendricks...

Hello Kitty Contest & Glaminars

Hello Kitty Contest video is back up on youtube, BUT youtube kindly deleted all the comments that everyone had posted! I am so sorry that youtube did that! Apparently they thought some SPAM comments were on there and pulled the video! Back it's up and ends this friday, Sept 3rd! So hurry!
Remember to watch the video and only comment on youtube!
Have fun!!!!

as you know....I won't be doing anymore Glaminars after this year, I will need to take care of my little "cupcake", you never get that lil baby time back! Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to do a Glaminar, but for now I won't be planning anymore for a very long time, if I ever do them again!

Since this is the last of The GLAMINARS...we are trying to add something very special to the next ATLANTA GLAMINAR on September 11th
details on if and what we will be adding will be coming up in the few days!

I would love to type more, but if you read my other blog: you'd know how not-so-great I am feeling today! ha ha ha

huge love and hello kitty things, kandee 


Since Chelsea Clinton's wedding, the long tulle veil is suddenly in the spot light once again. There are brides like Chelsea who choose to wear a veil without a headpiece and brides who wear headpieces, ditching the veil altogether.  But what about the bride above?  She's wearing my 'Oralie' headpiece with the  cathedral veil.  The point is, you can do whatever you want as long as you feel beautiful.  A few tips on matching veils to headpieces:
The headpiece: headpiece, gown and veil should all work in tandem. Modern gowns go with beaded hair combs, tiaras and any hat with a veil. A more traditional gown will look great with a Juliet cap, a bow, wreath, hair comb. The ultra-formal gown shouts out for a tiara of Swarovski crystal.  Consider also a hat, Juliet cap (classic) or  mantilla.
The veil: No rules any more about legnth of veil dictated by formality of ceremony.  That means you can wear a Juliet cap with a waltz length veil, a pillbox with a very long cathedral veil.  Just remember to keep everything in balance. If you're tiny maybe the huge hat with your veil is going to be a bit much.  Scale down. . .

Project Runway Episode 5: There Is An "I" in Team Gretchen

Better late than never, I am finally caught up with Project Runway's Episode 5, and let me tell you the word to describe it is explosive!! It's taken a team challenge, with the designers working in two teams of 6, to make it fashion official: Gretchen is an elephant-sized pill, and Tim does not have immunity this week. From what you ask? Just keep reading!...

Each team has to design a 6-piece collection that is on trend for Fall 2010, and one winner and loser will be chosen accordingly from each winning and losing team. But I must interrupt my train of thought for a minute to ask GAAAAH WHAT THE HELL IS CASANOVA WEARING??? He looked like a piece of seaweed in a Sarah Brightman video...Moving right along, the two teams in question are:
Team Luxe, with Gretchen in the 'volunteer' leader position (goodness knows why Michael C, who had immunity from last week's challenge, felt compelled to choose Gretchen as his team member when there were 11 other less volatile options), and Team Military and Lace, made up of the Peaches, Mondos, and Casanovas of the world. But I prefer to call them Military Gretchen and In The Bottom 6. Team In The Bottom Six

Right away we can see the easy and ego-free rapport of team In The Bottom 6, as each designer contributes an entire look toward the whole collection. In fact when Tim arrives for critique hour he seems really pleased, except of course with Casanova's garment (it's tradition). Tim thought it looked OLD, and to our dramatical delight Casanova cried diva tears of Theater proportions over having made a "senior citizen garment," at which point I laughed out loud and choked on my lunch.

Meanwhile team Military Gretchen is stomping around the workroom with a million pieces of drab looking silk, the designers zombie-like under Gretchen's controlling 'my minimalism is best and don't you dare bring in any bit of your own aesthetic into it' hold. Each piece so far looks the same, and after 24 hours A.J. is still in the sewing room working on what promises to be an ugly cream silk shirt dress with french seams.

On the Runway we pretty much already know that In The Bottom 6 are going home WINNERS, with a fresh and edgy combination of lace, chains, and military design details. I fully enjoyed looking at all the pieces (except for Peach's dress, sorry!). Go Underdogs! And the surprise of the day was Casanova's win, for his chic black lace top and those amazingly tailored pants with gold buttons climbing up the sides. Wait, did I use the word chic and Casanova in the same sentence??
As team Military Gretchen's collection stomped down the runway the first thing I noticed was the slightly nauseating (greyish-cream and maroon?) and coma-inducing color palette. And don't get me wrong I love camel and it's a pivotal color for Fall, but only when designed right. In fact Christopher's fluid camel pants were the only real point of interest in this 'Luxe' collection. In fact it turns out that Team Luxe was neither Luxe, nor a Team. DISCUSS!
Naturally, team Military Gretchen is reeling from their loss. Some emotions they are feeling: disappointment, anger, discomfort, shock, shock , shock...which are almost the same words the judges use to describe their losing collection: "it's not interesting, it's nothing, proportion problems, colors are ghastly, Golden Girl dress, granny shorts, unfortunate..." And finally we get proof of Gretchen's true military colors: She starts off in tears, defending her team's strong and cohesive collection -'United we stand' against the judges in a beautiful team of collaborators. Nina's eyes meanwhile look like they are about to shoot hot evil rays into Gretchen's face. Guest judge Georgina Chapman wisely notes that even though the collection was aiming for cohesiveness it's lost all designer individuality. Yep we thought that too!
Then under intense scrutiny, Gretchen conveniently flips her alliance and refers to her team's collection as crappy, and outs Michael C as their weakest link (although could you blame her?), even though he has immunity. So who is going home? Well the designer of the ugly cream shirt dress of course, and that would be A.J. The sad part though is that he admittedly leaves on account of a garment devoid of any A.J. in it, something that controlling Gretchen reveled in, and not only am I sick about it, but so is Tim.

Which brings us to a shocking, never seen before Tim moment. Shocking not because Tim loses his kettle top and turns a steaming shade of scarlet (which he doesn't by the way), but because he's never reprimanded a team before, with direct aim at one particular super annoying contestant. We thought him immune, but we were wrong. In frustrated earnest our hero Tim implores team Luxe "I don't know why you allowed Gretchen to manipulate, control, and bully you????"

...So it isn't just us viewers, oft manipulated by the producers, who are so irritated by Gretchen's inflatable ego. No, Tim has officially justified our very strong desire to hate Gretchen, and from now on, freely loathe we shall....

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Wanda Sykes Feet

Wanda Sykes feet pictures, Wanda Sykes legs, Wanda Sykes toes, Wanda Sykes barefoot and shoes.

Wanda Sykes is a fabulous American stand-up comedian, actress and talk show host, featured in The Wanda Sykes Show.

Wendy Williams Feet

Wendy Williams feet pictures, Wendy Williams legs, Wendy Williams toes, Wendy Williams barefoot and shoes.

Wendy Williams is a popular American television, radio personality and author, best known as the host of talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

Wendie Malick Feet

Wendie Malick feet pictures, Wendie Malick legs, Wendie Malick toes, Wendie Malick barefoot and shoes.

Wendie Malick is a talented American actress and former fashion model, best known for her role on the television sitcom Just Shoot Me!.

Houston, Glaminar, and Baby Bumps

A close-up from our "Glaminar Group Shot"...
like "where's waldo?", "where's kandee?" surrounded by all my Glaminar -star "love bugs" and all their shiny silver gift bags! may be ridiculously hot and humid here, but something else was in the air thicker than the moist air - it was full of love, hope, happiness, tears, and such an incredible, incredible day! I will not be the same after this weekend. Not only did the girls who came say they it was a life changing experience...this weekend changed my heart beyond belief!

I have to say HOUSTON, has been one amazing place! From feeling all the love that everyone poured out about congratulating my about my "cupcake in the oven" to just being an incredible weekend of heart-opening experiences! This was more than I could have ever expected!
This is Aubrin, a make-up superstar-in-the-making and our official Youngest Glaminee ever - she is 11 years old and will be doing make-up for an entire dance troop of girls! She came to the Glaminar as her birthday present....and we had a birthday dinner with her afterwards at Benihana's that was sooooo fun! She even shared her recipe of Gingerale with lime juice with me...and we all sang her happy birthday over her green tea ice cream. Two other precious Glaminar Stars had dinner with us, sweet Lauren, and the beautiful Talia...I had such a fun dinner with you all! (or should I say ya'll....I want to adopt using ya''s so stinkin' cute!)
And this is a little peek at the "kandee baby bump" growing! Thank you to every sweet and generous heart that brought me a gift..from books, to jewelry, to a keychain,  to a sparkly flower pen, hello kitty goodies to cupcakes and sweet, sweet baby things...I opened your gifts and read your notes and cards...and my heart was just exploding with joy and all bring me to tears!
I love each one of you dearly...and I am privileged to be able to touch your lives and inspire you, help heal your hearts and fill you with hope...way beyond just teaching you make-up!

Please enjoy this video...I love you all so, so much!
typed with love, your friend (even if you've never seen me in person...we ARE friends!)....kandee

PS. I ate the best thing ever today...a root beer float cake...OMGoodness! It was from Ruggles in Houston. So yummy!



From the Vintage Green Collection, Daisy will make yet another comeback Spring of 2011.  Because the last days of summer here in Northern California can be warm ones, this 100% imported cotton dress is spot on for a garden or vineyard wedding. Versatile, Daisy can be accessorized to the hilt and really Diored up or go casual as an easy and chic silhouette--made of cotton and lined in cotton. The straw hat accented with daisies is a new addition to the hat collection which can be found on the Amy-Jo Tatum Bridal site under Head Chic.

The Material Boy #413

Below: Love this Trussardi 1911 Camouflage Belt...

Trussardi 1911 Camouflage Belt

I need this Trussardi 1911 Camouflage belt (approx. SGD$450) on my waist. Like now! I love the camouflage print, versatile and right on trend. I need. I want... much better looking than Louis Vuitton's Monogramouflage version. It's 'Milan Vukmirovic' chic!

Source: Restir

EMMY Awards 2010 Red Carpet Review & Limerick

I can't believe it's already Emmy Awards time. That means summer is over, the school year begins anew, the days are shorter, and I have to generously invest 3 hours of my time to watching dressed up celebrities walk the red carpet spouting their views on everything but the kitchen sink. That's because they rarely see the inside of their kitchens, never mind the sink. Alright who am I kidding? I'm not watching against my will, I'm just as eager as you are to see the annual parade of dresses, both good and ghastly. And for some reason this year I feel like reviewing my favorite and least favorite red carpet looks in limerick, inspired by The Richard Armitage Fan Blog. So here goes:

A whittled waist has Lea Michele from Glee
Perfectly ruffled in Oscar de la Renta is she
Though her hairstyle she did not

and neither did January Jones thanks to that hair flop
But wow did she in big blue asymetrical Versace.

Mad Men's Christina is redhead and buxom
in feathery light Zac Posen Custom

Looking Palm Beach too blonde
is Armani clad Claire Danes all fake bronzed

and Nurse Hathaway's hair mop is irksome.

Auf Wiedersehen to Heidi's too-small Marchesa

Love Suki's McQueen gladiator top but the bottom's a mess-a

Crepe paper curtains hang for Kyra

and a cheap net version for redhead Jayma

but repeat offender in dated mermaid is Eva Longoria.

Not loving Liz Lemon's choice of gown
Though it's better than her other ones hands down

I love watching Modern Family
But Gloria's trout pout and dress is cheesy

And what the hell is Kim Kardashian doing in town??

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Celebrity Feet V

Celebrity feet pictures beginning with the letter V

Vail Bloom
Valeria Golino
Valeria Marini
Valeria Mazza
Valerie Bertinelli
Vanessa Angel
Vanessa Carlton
Vanessa Ferlito
Vanessa Hessler
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Lorenzo
Vanessa Mae
Vanessa Marcil
Vanessa Minnillo
Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa Williams

Celebrity Feet U

Celebrity feet pictures beginning with the letter U

Udita Goswami
Ulrike Frank
Ulrika Jonsson
Uma Thurman
Una Healy
Urmila Matondkar
Ursula Karven
Urvashi Sharma
Uschi Glas

Celebrity Feet T

Celebrity feet pictures beginning with the letter T

Tamara Taylor
Tamera Mowry
Tammin Sursok
Tamsin Egerton
Tamzin Outhwaite
Tanushree Dutta
Tanya Roberts
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Tara Reid
Taraji P. Henson
Tarja Turunen
Taryn Manning
Tatyana Ali
Taylor Swift
Tea Leoni
Tera Patrick
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Terry Farrell
Tess Daly
Thandie Newton
Thora Birch
Tia Carrere
Tia Mowry
Tiffani Thiessen
Tiffany Mulheron
Tiffany Taylor
Tila Tequila
Tilda Swinton
Tina Fey
Tina O'Brien
Tina Ruland
Toccara Jones
Toni Braxton
Tori Praver
Tori Spelling
Torrie Wilson
Traci Bingham
Tricia Helfer
Trish Goff
Trish Goff
Tyra Banks

Freckles: A Dotty Blessing

Another day another freckle. Those little golden spots, marks of a true redhead, start off with a light sprinkling on your nose and cheeks. Then you step into the bright sunshine of summer and the next thing you know those little sprinklings explode all over your face, leaving you looking completely dotty. It's precisely how I look during the sunny months, covered in the warm glow of freckles, despite slathering my entire face in a geisha-like coat of SPF 70 sunscreen. In fact, as I lounged one day beside the swimming pool on a hot California afternoon, luxuriously enjoying a friendly water fight with my nephews, I could feel brand new freckles popping up by the second, like a bag of microwave popcorn nearing its final minute of heating. Either you'll love them or you'll hate them. And I say don't waste another minute contemplating the usefulness of a freckle. Instead, consider yourself blessed with a generous helping of beauty marks, and embrace the dottiness. After all, you'll sorely miss them when Fall comes around...
Beautiful Russian newcomer Darya Novitskaya embraces hers in a series of photographs by Dmitry G. Pavlov:

Image source: FGR