WWD Celebrates 100 Years

"If it happened in fashion, Women's Wear Daily was there." - WWD.
I can't believe the newspaper bible that chronicles every important and relevant event in fashion and beyond is turning 100! That's a whole lot of generations of fashionable women and men who've read each page cover to cover and shared news with each other about the ins and outs of the fickle world of fashion. Happy Birthday WWD and never stop!!
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My Bag Collection #57

Below: A long overdue welcome to my new bag! My fabulous Balenciaga RGGH Canard Part-time!

Below: Love the combination of Rose Gold and Canard colour!

Below: Giant studs adds a tough and glamourous accent to the leather...

Below: Shiny rose gold even on the shoulder strap hooks...

Below: Rose gold has a vintage feel to the colour, yet glamourous at the same time...

Below: Double zippers for ease of opening the bag...

Below: In the dustbag...

Below: Me modeling the bag... a great shoulder bag that is not too huge and cumbersome... the proportion works for my height and build:-P

Below: Good for a blazer look and skinny jeans (or my Current Elliot Olive Cargo jeans!)

Balenciaga RGGH Canard Part-Time

It's a long overdue post for my latest bag addition acquired a few months back...

But better late than never (especially since I am off for the week and had time on my hands like never before! Hurray!)... so let me introduce my new Balenciaga RGGH (Rose Gold Giant Hardware) Canard Part-Time.

Boys have always been restricted to the weekender, courier and day designs when it comes to adopting Balenciaga bags. But I decided on a particular inspiring day many months ago to try out other styles of Balenciaga bags just for fun.

Interestingly, although I had no plans to buy anything... it seems my 'shopping ban' plan always backfire. In the name of research for my blog (good excuse to shop!) but at the expense of my bank account, I embark on the 'treacherous' mission and have to report that I have succeeded in testing the Balenciaga bags but failed to rescue my bank account.

Work bag is simply too short and small for my height. Weekender is too bulky for everyday. And First and Town is tiny for boys. I love the strap options for City...but that is too small again. So what's left is the Part-time which I was skeptical at first due to it's long shape. Surprisingly, at a length of aprox. 43cm, the Part-time resembles a small duffel bag. When I first shoulder sling it, I was immediately taken by the proportion of the bag against my height (I am 178cm tall) and build. I love the style, easy and non cumbersome. It does not looked entirely inappropriate for a guy and yet interesting enough to pass off as a guy's bag. I guess a bag is a bag, it is what marketing wants to sell it as, especially bags of a borderline gender designs. Hence the Part-time is up to the individual to see what works for him or not.

But one thing's for sure, I am liking the Balenciaga Part-time on me, especially with the new Giant Rose Gold Hardware against Canard colour (a turquoise based dark blue)... it's versatile and yet glamourous at the same time! I also love the double zipper pulls and the shorter shoulder strap which presents another option to carry the bag. Perfect for blazers and skinny jeans.

So out flashes my Visa card, in goes the Balenciaga RGGH Canard Part-time to my 'bag family'. Welcome! Welcome!:-P

Source: myMANybags

Retail price: SGD 2940. Where to buy: Balenciaga Boutique at Hilton Hotel

Sexy Mom Body Paint 2010

Beautiful Babe Body Painting of Fashion 2010

Beautiful Babe Body Painting of Fashion 2010Beautiful Babe Body Painting of Fashion 2010...!!!

Hollywood Celebrity Wallpapers - Hot Alyssa Jayne Milano, Alyssa Jayne Singer Celebrities

Here Top Search Singer celebrities Actress Alyssa Jayne Milano born December 19, 1972 is an American actress and former singer. Her acting career began at age 8 with a National Tour of the musical Annie. Her childhood role as Samantha Micelli in the sitcom Who's the Boss? made her famous, and an eight-year stint as Phoebe Halli-well on the supernatural series Charmed brought her a new round of fame. She also starred on the ABC series Romantically Challenged as Rebecca Thomas.

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Alyssa Jayne Milano Singer Celebrities

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Alyssa Jayne Milano Singer Celebrities
Alyssa Jayne Milano Singer Celebrities
Alyssa Jayne Milano Singer Celebrities
Alyssa Jayne Milano Singer Celebrities


Sunday Inspiration
Happy Halloween and may you draw inspiration from this lovely board by Brancorprata over at SMP STyle Circle that is not only apropos for this holiday but source of ideas for the rest of autumn.  Check out Brancorprata's blog as well.  Lots of great stuff . . .

Redhead Cover Girls Novermber 2010

Three different shades of red, three very gorgeous redheads...

Julianne Moore

Christina Hendricks

Evan Rachel Wood

Image sources: stylelist.com, skinnyvscurvy, bumpshack

Trend body painting images fashion

Trend body painting images fashionTrend body painting images fashion

Don't Let the Storms of Your Past, Cloud Your Future

(photo by Ian Ruhter)
It was a sunny morning in Brooklyn...last summer, and suddenly out of no where, storm clouds rolled in and a torrential rain storm soaked me and my hair in a matter of minutes!
I love this picture, because instead of getting mad that my clothes, hair, and make-up were now dripping ...I laughed at the rainy-ness and how funny it was that I took all the time to get ready and was now drenched!

I love the saying: "Don't Let the Storms of Your Past, Cloud Your Future"
I've had many storms in my life, from being cheated on, hurt, feeling like my dreams were over, the pain of divorce, being a single mom, being broke, I could keep going on and on (ha ha ha)...and I definitely could've let that gloom up my future. 
  • Whether it was a relationship "storm"- someone hurt you, cheated on you, broke your heart, betrayed you.
  • A depression storm- you feel hopeless, sad, and feel like giving up.
  • A financial storm - you are feeling like your wallet is way to empty, your bank account has gone on a diet, and your bills are scaring you...
  • Past Storms- you had a bad childhood, loss of someone dear to you, you've grown up with a family life, you've had trouble in your past, you feel guilty over something.
Chase the Storm Clouds Away
You have to make sure you chase the storm clouds away, and let the beautiful rainbow of your future come out and shine.
Your thoughts are more powerful than you know!!!
  • If you just let any old "stormy" thought keep creeping into your mind- you are sure to stay in "stormy-land"!
  • You must "re-set" the weather in your life! 
  • Think about how you want things to be, instead of how things are or how they have been. ~ If you've been hurt or disappointed, stop thinking about how hurt and disappointed you are and think about and tell yourself, "I am strong and have a bright future! I am getting better and better each day!"
  • And just like you can't eat once a week and think that will keep you filled, you need to eat several times a day...same thing with your thoughts- you need to feed your mind with positive thoughts all day long!
Sure we may have more storms in life...but as long as you don't let the rain and clouds ruin your future...you can anticipate the rainbow! 
The sun will always come out! 

And sometimes our tears are like the rain that waters the rainbows in our heart! So, my precious hearts....if the rain or tears are falling right now in your life....know that I am sending you a hug right now, for my arms to hold your heart...and say, "it's okay....this storm will pass, and  your future will grow full with blossoms, for even the flowers need the rainstorms to grow!"
My life has seen storms of all kinds....heartbreak, hopelessness, hurt, sadness, no money...just feeling like I can't go on...
and through it all I would tell myself, "Stop it Kandee...you better stop it with this sinkin'-stinkin'-thinkin'....and get your mind back on track with positive thoughts right now!"
*where the mind goes...the person follows....
Lead your self into great thoughts and places.
Tell yourself:
  • I am great (even if you feel you're not...yet!)
  • I am cherished and adored!
  • My future is going to be awesome!
  • I can't wait to see what is waiting for me  in this life!
  • I will make my dreams come true!
  • I will find someone that will cherish and love me so much they will NEVER even think of hurting me in ANY way at all!
  • I am worthy of being loved!
  • I am happy- rain or shine!
I love you all so much...and I don't care what storms you have in your past...THEY WILL NOT CLOUD YOUR FUTURE....the storms only watered the blossoms in your life....and will make your future that much more beautiful with "watered" flowers!

This day is great and is waiting for you to change your thoughts, which will change your mind, which will change your life!

Watch your thoughts, for they become your words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes you destiny.
- Anonymous

People always ask if it's okay to repost something I've written- PLEASE, please, please feel free to pass this on, post it where ever you'd like...I want to be able to encourage as many hurting, "stormy" hearts as possible!

Think about thoughts that are wonderful today....don't let those little "cloudy" thoughts sneek in...
huge love and even bigger, better thoughts....your kandee

Winter Body Painting Pictures 2010

Winter Body Painting PicturesWinter Body Painting Pictures in Sexy Model Celebrity

My MANy Bags News #282

Below: Marni Store Opening Cocktail Party this Friday, 29 Oct 2010, with limited edition bags
to commemorate the occasion...

Below: Consuelo graced the event personally...and beautiful Mediacorp actresses all dressed to impress were also present to lend their star appeal!:-P Love those graphic Marni dresses!

Below: Nice belts and brooches...anyone did retail therapy that night?

Below: Happy guests shopping and sipping champagne...:-)

Below: Consuelo looking relaxed and happy, same for the guests who brought home a goodie bag too!

Below: Glamour is the word for all Gucci parties, especially new store opening at Marina Bay Sands!

Below: Spanking new store with bright and glistening interiors lined with many Gucci merchandise... The crocodile Bamboo bag is a head turner! Gorgeous!

Below: Store exclusive chain strap sling bags in eye catching colours... A wall with a whole range of Gucci Bamboo Bags... it's time to shop!

Below: 29 October also marks the opening of the 'Bamboo Retrospective' exhibition which lets you have an insight into this iconic handbag in fashion history...

Below: Highlights of the evening... meeting beautiful and friendly Jeanette Aw and the gorgeous Brazilian model whom I raved about at Dior MBS Opening... Meet Christopher (right) who spots sexy facial hair now...:-) (Thank you Bagaholicboy for taking the pic!)

29 October: It's An Auspicious Store Opening Day!

Yes, not only is last Friday my birthday...but it seemed to be an auspicious day for brands to celebrate their store openings as well:-) Gucci and Marni both had their new store openings at Marina Bay Sands and Paragon Shopping Mall respectively on this very special day.

I was privileged to be invited for both glamourous events, however, due to the conflicting schedule, we arrived late for Marni. Nonetheless, we still had a blast frolicking the many quirky pieces of talented Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni while sipping champagne:-)

Here's pictures of what has transcended before our arrival.... a well attended event with Consuelo gracing the occasion personally and our 3 beautiful Mediacorp celebrities adding that extra sparkle with their star appeal! Guests were also happy with their goodie bag (I wonder what is inside!:-P) and being able to savour in person the many delectable fashion goodies in the new Marni store. (Check out those brooches! I like!)
As for Gucci, the Marina Bay Sands store was all decked out in full glamour to await the many impeccably dressed guests that attended the event. Champagnes and canapes flowed thru the evening while we happily fondled the 'STAR' bag of the evening, the Gucci Bamboo Bag, a reinterpretation of the classic design by Frida Giannini, now made even more glamourous and contemporary for the modern women.

The night also marked the opening of the travelling 'Bamboo Retrospective Exhibition' which traces the history of this iconic bag. The exhibition will take you on a journey to view vintage products from Gucci's own archives, together with archive photography of personalities, including Ingrid Bergman and Vanessa Redgrave, carrying the Bamboo throughout the years.

This unique exhibition lets you learn about the story of this iconic bag, its place in fashion history, while at the same time, being able to enjoy the "New Bamboo", a 21st century version of this classic handbag made relevant by Gucci's Creative Director, Frida Giannini.

2 highlights of the evening, of course, number 1, has to be meeting local mediacorp actress Jeanette Aw who in person and on screen is equally beautiful, with a friendly personality to match. She gladly obliged to picture taking sessions with our whole 'blogging entourage'!:-P So gracious and approachable:)

I also caught up once again with the cute male model from Dior Homme (now spotting facial hair! So man!)....and ever so cute. Now I know he is from Brazil and named Christopher:-P Even got a picture with him. Hello Christopher!

Thank you to Gucci and Club 21 for the gracious invites. May both stores enjoy huge success and make Singapore the fashion and shopping destination that will see our luxury retail future a super bright one!

Source: myMANybags, Club21 Global


fall wedding
How apropos for this weekend. Autumn has arrived with all the rustic beauty that goes with it. From the deep reds and burgundies of the floral arrangement to a Japanese Maple turning that November shade of orange, this medley of images reminds us we are indeed here once more. Thanks to Sarah over at SMP Style Circle for inspiring us with this board.  Check out her blog, The Green Dandelion, for a real bit of awesome in the sphere of floral design . . .

Frida Gustavsson in 'Anything Goes'

VOGUE US, November 2010 Issue
Image source: Oh Fashion Models