Real Wedding Inspiration: Erin & Chris

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I found this stunning board on Beautifully Ever After, a site full of some real unique inspirations. Love the powdery blue/Sophia Coppola-does-Marie-Antoinette colors here, very soothing.

My Shopping Conquest #71

Below: My first Salvatore Ferragamo purchase!

Below: Nice red box, although material could be more lavish...I am just being 'picky':-P

Below: Peek-a-boo:-)

Below: I like how they have a small pouch to protect the buckle

Below: An elegant white suede belt with an intricate and interesting signature "Gancino" buckle

Below: All the detailing...

Salvatore Ferragamo White Suede Belt With Antiqued Silver Knurled "Gancino" Buckle

Wow...quite a mouthful to describe my new purchase, what can you expect when the brand name is also as lengthy:-) My first foray into Salvatore Ferragamo. I have always feel this brand has a more business and mature style which I am not suitable for. But lately, the brand seems to be getting younger with their designs and it's a good balance of classic and contemporary. So after the frantic crowd when their sales in Singapore commences last weekend, I finally decided to drop by the store to see what is left. Surprisingly, there is a quite a huge selection left for mens. I spotted a few items that I would love to buy...but do not need. So I passed sadly...

Worthy of mention nonetheless are a pair of tri-coloured boat shoes in blue, a croc skin loafers in camel (Over SGD $2000...but so divine to behold), and of course some nice belts in their signature "Gancino" buckle. I had a choice between 2 white belts which I love, because of the knurled texture on the antique silver buckle. It gives a intricate ornate touch that shows delicate craftsmanship. There is a broader textured leather version (SGD $360 after a 35% discount) and a slim suede version (now SGD $240 from SGD $370). I tried on both and found the broader version too overpowering, although I love the leather. In the end, I chose this White Suede Belt With Antiqued Silver Knurled "Gancino" Buckle as it looks more elegant, perfect for pairing with shots and getting ready to hitch a boat ride to St Tropez:-P

I love St Tropez, my dream destination....soon...I shall set foot on thy shores.

Source: Buckled belt pic from Salvatore Ferragamo

Retail price: SGD $370. Where to buy: Salvatore Ferragamo Boutique at Paragon Shopping Mall

Enagagement Shoot: Kirstie + Kevin

Photography: Bebb Studios



These haute couture gowns by Morgan Boszilkov of Natural Bridals are eco-friendly and 5% of all profits go to environmental causes.

Okay so there's nothing wrong with the tattered look. Issey Miyake was an innovator with it and his ripped apart chic still carries an almost haunting beauty thirty years hence. But have you noticed whenever a designer adds some green to a bridal collection, the gowns sometimes . . . well . . . all look a bit tattered and Miyakesque? So where do you start if you're seriously pondering green-friendly alternatives on your wedding day and still want to look like a bride? It's a loaded question so we'll begin with what makes for an eco-friendly fiber.

1. Production of fabric follows fair trade practices (read: no prison contracted or sweat-shop labor involved)

2. Free or low on chemicals and pesticides

3. Eco-conscious land management practices

4. Sustainable farming

5. Animal friendly practices

Going Green usually (though not always) can mean wearing a dress in natural fibers: organic cotton, wool, linen, silk, and of course, hemp. New fibers coming out even have bamboo, milk and soy in them. It helps to have a knowledge of the natural dying process and thinking through what impact toxic dyes might have on the environment. Here are a few questions worth asking: Is that silk I love really its natural color? If it is tinted, was it done with non-toxic dye? Is that snow white silk taffeta chlorined? And was that cotton grown free of pesticides? In the UK alone according to 2006 statistics, clothing and textiles contributed in producing up to two million tons of waste, 3.1 million tons of CO2 and 70 million tons of waste water. Have we become so used to fast food, fast technology and now fast fashion that we've created a manufacturing Goliath like this? Many designers have wised up lately reserving a portion of their collection for eco-conscious designs (moi included). Some are even using sustainable fabrics only, making sure they were produced under humane conditions at fair market wages. Although I've been getting some great press lately about offering green-friendly alternatives in my collection, I'm not as exclusively green as I’d like to be. One day we will all be green; till then here's what you could look for when buying green or having a green gown designed:

Natural Bridals

Natural Bridals

1.) Look for sustainable fabric. Custom and eco-friendly designers can source just about any sustainable fabric a client wants. I've been using the best supplier for twenty-some years. Dharma's been around and bright green since way back when hippies were popular.

2.) Good designers aren't afraid to experiment with new and unusual fabrics. Keep an open mind.

3.) Look for a designer unafraid of making necessary changes. Starting now and next season I plan on replacing most of the crinoline underskirts with 100% cotton organdy. Most designers are making similar changes.

4.) I’m discovering certain fabrics like bamboo/cotton have just the right under structure to make great linings and feel good against the skin. Plus, little beknownst to most, bamboo has anti-bacterial properties which contribute to controlling body odors.

5.) Lately I've been studying up on upcycled fabrics. I’m fascinated by the new interest so many of my clients have in upcycling. Upcycling is a trendy term for reusing garments or fabrics that already exist. Last season a client brought me an exquisite antique tablecloth and asked me to fashion her wedding gown out of it. I was awestruck. First by the cloth. It was an allover and rare Cluny Lace. Ten years ago this would have been considered by most as ‘chintzing it’ on your wedding day whereas these days it is not only applauded but even considered a sentimental gesture—in my client’s case—the tablecloth was lovingly left to her by her great-grandmother.

When it comes to bridal wear, there's still nothing like silk. Certain weaves and finishes go in and out of style over the years but overall silk rules. Some designers are switching suppliers and looking toward Europe where silks are also manufactured. Italian silks are the apex right now and quite expensive. Though primarily woven by robots, no human or animal is working under hazardous conditions. Factory windows aren't left gaping in sub-tropical climates and insects are not getting squished between the slubs of fabric. Fabrics these days come in the same flavors as your favorite beans, plants and dairy products. Just learned my agent personally travels to China and makes sure the workers operate in a well maintained, healthy and safe environment, are treated with respect, paid fairly and have health insurance, sick and maternity leave benefits, etc. That made me feel pretty good. Another thing I want to reiterate here when going green is to keep an open mind, it is an entirely different concept than the consumerism we were born into and one we need to explore and take seriously in order to reverse some of the damage we've done to our planet. . .

My Shopping Conquest #70

Below: Yeah, I also got something from Salvatore's small, I just got a big shopping bag so I can put my other things inside as well:-P

Below: I now own the round coin purse in green!

Loewe Round Textured Leather Coin Purse In Green

First official sale shopping conquests for Spring Summer 2009, end of season markdowns!:-P

Spotted this Loewe Round Textured Leather Coin Purse In Green going on sale! So of course I had to grab it. Something that I would pay full price for, so what better time to buy than during sales!:-)

My orange coin purse will no longer be lonely...:-P

(BTW, I think Loewe Ngee Ann City has to brush up on their presentation of their 'prized' items in the store. I enquired about a brooch which was 'displayed conveniently' for browsing by customers in an open shelf amongst all the messed up merchandise. And to my shock, that brooch costs over SGD $3000. I think with the way they treat their expensive items, all just feels 'cheaper' and not worth the price they are meant to charge. I would expect something this expensive to be displayed in a locked showcase and handle with gloves upon request to browse. Presentation is everything in retail!)

Retail price: SGD $250. Where to buy: Loewe Boutique at Isetan Scotts

Happy Hour: Rockapolitan

- 1 oz Cruzan citrus flavored rum
- 1 oz orange juice
- 1/4 lime juice
- 1 oz cranberry juice
Garnish: lime wheel

Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini and garnish with a lime wheel.
{Source: Cocktail Times}

Real Wedding Inspiration: Lauren & Steele

Photography: Ben Chrisman Photography

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