My secret to amazing skin!

I posted this picture (which was taken inside the humongous Forever 21 in Times Square! I HAD to get a picture with the gi-gundo mascara!)...and started getting tons of emails asking what face make-up I was wearing because my skin "looked so great"...thanks for the compliments...but I owe it all to a little secret!

And I'm sharing my secret with you all!

Okay, so I tried that AMAZING COSMETICS CONCEALER and never told you what I thought of it....A BIG THUMBS DOWN (that's what I get for listening to a youtube guru's, who I shall not name, recommendation...they are not a make-up artist and I'm sure they got paid to mention it...just so you all know...I do NOT get paid to do any product reviews...I only talk about things I love because I love them. And as a make-up artist who's been working on celebs and movies and everything for the last 10 years, I know what products are truly AMAZING and what just has a bunch of hype.

So I took my "AMAZING"concealer back to Sephora because I did NOT like it:
It made my skin look really dry and wrinkly and the coverage wasn't so great. All their color selection seemed to be really pink or beige based, then it just jumped to really dark with red-brown undertones. No bueno!

I thought I'd give COVER FX a try since I know that it will even cover tattoos!  

I bought mine at SEPHORA- you can even ask them for a sample before you buy it and try it out for a few days. And Sephora will let you return it if you bought the wrong color (the lighting in most Sephora's is less-than-great! ha ha ha)
All day long people kept saying how great I looked! From my son to people at the store...everyone said how great I looked! I was like: YES! THIS STUFF IS AWESOME!!!

Then when I wore it at my NEW YORK GLAMINAR and in that picture above, I started getting tons of emails asking what make-up I had on because my skin looked so great! SO HERE IT IS:

I first put a light layer of Laura Mercier liquid foundation all over, then used this as my concealer (you can apply it as foundation, then go back over certain areas, eyes, mouth, nose, under eye circle area again and it acts like a concealer!
*they gave a great color selection
*every color has great yellow undertones, which is what you want to cancel out the red in your skin to make it look great!

*it will last you a really long time, so even if the price seems high, it will last you a lot longer than a cheaper brand, so it will end up being around the same price! (retails for $42...worth every penny!)
* Great for Sensitive skin (non-comedogenic – zero irritancy score)
*Free of oil, and fragrance and parabens

I am in love with how incredible this makes my skin look...if you want AMAZING looking skin...Cover FX is my new secret...well not anymore cuz' I shared it with everyone! ha ha ha

perfect skin and hope you get lots of compliments....your kandee

Gareth Pugh Spring 2011: Paris Fashion Week

It's a Space Age love song at Gareth Pugh, and those hourglass silver foil dresses and jackets are absolutely divine!

Images courtesy of

Carven Spring 2011: Paris Fashion Week

Former Givenchy designer Guillaume Henry has created some beautifully curved lines on jackets and hems, perfect cocktail meets day wear silhouettes of short and poufy hemlines, and a fabulous pair of black heels with sexy oversize tied petals in back. I want everything in this collection! Tres Tres Chic!

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Venue and Catering by Toro, Boston MA
Carlina's shoes by Joan and David
Earrings by NYX
Carlina's ring by E Scott Originals

Carlina and Alejandro had a stylish, funky little ceremony under a giant (fake) bull's head at Toro in Boston's South End. After the ceremony, Margaret and Max of Unusually Fine Photography abducted the pair for a quick shoot in a small park nearby. Carlina couldn't be any cuter: that dress from BCBG is ridiculously adorable. And check out the confetti. Oh, and the food. Alejandro is, after all, a pastry chef in Singapore. . . .



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