The Material Boy #151

Gucci Mens Fall Winter 2008/2009 Leather Jackets

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most luxurious luxury brand of all? Hermes? Louis Vuitton? Gucci?

Oh yes, Gucci seems to want to place itself at the top tier of luxury brands by charging exorbitant prices for their wares these days. I do lust after these gorgeous leather jackets as featured on the fall winter 2008/2009 mens collection. Lots of decadent detailing, like brass studs, buckles and fur fur fur! It's like an armor or trophy to signify your triumph over amassing your huge amount of resources and it's time to flaunt the newfound wealth proudly!

But would you pay over SGD $10,000 for a Gucci leather jacket? And it's not even exotic skin. That is something to be left pondering by us common folks, but I guess if you earn millions a month, what does that amount mean to you. Spare change?:-P

I love the jackets, the fur collared one is TDF, but if I am paying that kind of money, I go for Hermes or LV...since there's a guarantee you will not find them in the bargain bin six months down the line.:-P

Gosh, I need more money to get all these frivolous wants! On a last thought, even if I have the money to acquire these leather jackets, I will die of heatstroke in Singapore by wearing them:-P

Retail price:
1) Studded Zip Leather Jacket -
2) Double Breasted Fur Collared Leather Jacket -
Where to buy: Gucci Boutiques

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Ad Campaigns & Catalogues #16

Paul And Joe Mens Fall Winter 2008/2009

I love the easy styles of Paul And Joe. Although the brand sometimes tends to have hits and miss in their collections, I still fancy some items they have each season. This season Paul and Joe turns to the alps and winter resorts for inspiration. Sporty styles, formal styles, you name it, you got it. Of course, adding a touch of Paul and Joe's fun along the way.

The ad campaign features an outdoor setting, high up in the mountains. It does carry thru the collection's theme, but I feel more could have been done to make the shots more dynamic and eye catching. The styling is also not doing justice to the nice designs she had in the showroom presentation.

However, when I look at the lookbook styles, there are some really nice pieces on offer. For this season, I am especially attracted to the 3rd look from the 1st lookbook pic. The white shirt with plaid detailing on the shoulders is cool. When pair with boots and slim pants, it's interesting and very on trend! I also like some of the ski style jackets, the one in grey with a fur lined hood is gorgeous! Bags are not exactly exciting, with one of them being a Burberry lookalike.

It's a pity the brand did not do very well at Club 21 Mens. They seem not to be able to sell last season's items off even during sale. Quite a few things are left even when it is at 60%. 10% more discount than other brands. The SA said it is a pity all those left on the racks will just go to the Bazaar sale. This is the 2nd time the brand failed in Singapore. First time being the boutique as operated by CK Tangs group at Wisma Atria.

If I ever drop by an area with Paul and Joe, I will still check it out. I love the brand in its own strange way. French and fun.:-)

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No, I don't expect you to sew your own gown after reading this awesome how-to book by Susan Khalje but promise some revealing insights about what goes into making your gown. Bridal Couture has been a staple and research guide in my library since it was launched back in 1997. Yes, the cover gown seems a bit outdated today and so do a few of the other styles you'll find inside. The material in this book however is classic and Khalje uses beautiful photography to familiarize you with the many different laces and fabrics in her glossaries. You'll also get to see what a dress or gown looks like in all its muslin stages, built from the ground up.
I highly recommend this book to any bride, especially one who is contemplating custom design. Check it out on Amazon and happy reading . . .

Lisa Kudrow Pictures

Lisa Kudrow Wallpaper
Lisa Kudrow Wallpaper

Lisa Kudrow Beautiful Picture
Lisa Kudrow Beautiful Picture

Lisa Kudrow Sexy Pic
Lisa Kudrow Sexy Pic

Lisa Kudrow Photo
Lisa Kudrow Photo

Sexy Lisa Kudrow
Sexy Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Image
Lisa Kudrow Image

Salma Hayek - Flaunt Magazine Shoot

My Big Birthday Is Coming...

Here It Comes, All It Takes Is A Plane Ride...'s arriving tonight...2 months in advance for my BIG Birthday...Yipppeeeeee!

My Shopping Conquest #22

Marc By Marc Jacobs Grey Plaid Wool Tailored Jacket
(Reveal from 'What A Rainy Day Of Shopping!')

I am going 'MARC' crazy!

Here you go, finally had time to snap some pics of what's lurking inside my Marc By Marc Jacobs shopping bag from last Saturday! Presenting the cute, the suave, the gorgeous Marc By Marc Jacobs Grey Plaid Wool Tailored Jacket! Look who's been wearing this down the Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2008/2009 runway's none other than the quirky, strange, gender bending, very hot model of the moment, Cole Mohr! He did MJ by MJ's ad campaign this season featuring his memorable crossing dressing looks.

Enough of Cole, back to my plaid jacket, this cropped style jacket looks gorgeous for this 'plaid' crazy season. And in a grey hue 'tartan' plaid, it will stand the test of seasonal trend and have more longevity than the 6 month period of this fall winter season. I love the short style of the jacket. As you all will have known, I find cropped tailored jackets much more easy to pull off without looking too formal. Perfect to take it out anyday. The cut of the jacket is not the very slim fitted type. It's more boxy, which is the silhouette on trend this season as well. Just look at Lanvin! In addition, the wool material of this jacket will come in handy when I travel in the fall season again. Just play with lots of layering with a splash of loud colour like Cole Mohr did!

This jacket comes in limited quantities. One piece for each size. And only stocked by the Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique in Ngee Ann City. I have gotten the small, so 2 sizes left on the racks. What's great about the jacket is also the price. I thought it was good value for a tailored jacket by a mid range luxury brand like MJ by MJ, especially after my 15% discount.

3 bags down:-P, and one more Blackjack bag to reveal from last Saturday's shopping spree!

(Oh one more thing, I
got approach by someone from Create Talents again to ask me if I want to model for some of their projects while walking down Orchard Road yesterday. Oh my. Second time I got 'talent spotted'. I am shallow. It does makes me happy. Hahaha!)

Retail price: SGD $799. Where to buy: Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Ngee Ann City

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I’m the classic vintageaholic and for all of you dreaming of retro chic jewelry to pair with the gown, meet Glittery Blue. This Etsy store has a selection of glass, sterling and brass designs to die for. . . . 'Such Grace', 'Just Like Mama' and 'Nesting', each piece of jewelry has a name that sounds more like a Pulitzer prize winning poem than catalog number. Real creativity sure goes past the visual and touches all our senses . . . . Visit Glittery Blue

Below: 'Give Me a Moment' At Left: 'Muse'


'Fall is Near'

'In a Dream'

'One I Love'

Geri Halliwell Sexy Pictures

Geri Halliwell Beautiful Picture
Geri Halliwell Beautiful Picture

Geri Halliwell Nice Pic
Geri Halliwell Nice Pic

Geri Halliwell In Bikini
Geri Halliwell In Bikini

Geri Halliwell Photo
Geri Halliwell Photo

Geri Halliwell Poster
Geri Halliwell Poster

My Shopping Conquest #21

Tsumori Chisato Patchwork Blue Stripe L/S Shirt
(Reveal from 'Blackjack My Way Home')

Reach for the stars and fulfill your dreams! Yes, this is the immediate thought I had when I first lay eyes upon this beautiful shirt by Tsumori Chisato. I first caught sight of this shirt while shopping in Blackjack 2 Saturdays ago. The impression was strong and it just did not managed to get out of my mind. Been thinking about how cute and interesting it is after seeing it. Although I did not try on the shirt, I just fell in love with the patchwork details. I knew I had to buy it. Look at how cute the design shows a hand reaching for a star. Alternating stripe fabric arrangement forms the hand, so you can see the 'hand' is sewn up with many pieces of smaller fabrics. The fabric is also very cute, it's fine light blue stripe but lots of white spots all over the fabric that reminds me of snowflake. I love it! There is also a silver embroidered Tsumor Chisato motif which adds a spot of contrast to the colour.

This Tsumori Chisato Patchwork Blue Stripe L/S Shirt is of a boxy cut. Kinda 'balloony' in silhouette. I had it taken in at the sides to make the shirt slimmer. I also got a size bigger than the smallest size as it was sold out or they did not bring in the small size. But I tried the small size for a short sleeve version and the cut was not much of a difference, especially when I can get it altered. Some other interesting detailing include a gathered pin tucked design on the back area and a a little patchwork where the sides of the shirt end. I like small little detailing like that. Lastly, the shirt is made in Japan. Not China:-P

So after a week of waiting, this shirt is finally coming home with me. Gonna wear it today. If you see a hand reaching out for the stars or for that matter, my wallet for more'd know it's me! hahaha.*wink* Acting 'CUTE' today lah!

Retail price: SGD $389. Where to buy: Blackjack Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall


Sabrina Neckline

The neckline frames your face and is probably the feature you'll most concentrate on when choosing your gown. It’s the part of your gown that's going to give your face some wow! FYI: Front and back bodices are not always identical. For instance, the front could have a Sabrina neckline, the back a deep V; whereas another gown could have a scoop in front as well as back.


Turtleneck-Once a classic, the high neck or turtleneck can be a plain band of dress fabric or lace. Especially popular in the Edwardian gown craze of the 70s when cotton ‘granny gowns’ reappeared.
Mandarin-Like the high neck collar only it’s notched in front

Cowl-Pictured below, the cowl is draped either as an attached piece or integrated into the pattern. Lots of retro styles of the 1930s use this effect.

Ron Greystar Photography

Jewel-Aka crew neck, round and higher neckline. Not seen too much these days except in an over bodice of all-over lace.
Boat or Sabrina-Straight across the neckline
Scoop-Pictured directly above, the scoop is a low rounded neckline.
V or U-Pictured below, the U or V point down just like the letters they are named after.

Off-the-Shoulder-Neckline extends horizontally across and sits below the shoulders.

Portrait-Wide band that extends from shoulder to shoulder

Ron Greystar Photography

Square-Pictured below, the square is one of my personal favorites, conveying a real open look, square necks look great on long and A-line silhouettes.

Ron Greystar Photography

Halter-Pictured below, straps either wrap around the neck or neckline is high with deep armholes.

Strap-Usually holds up a strapless bodice.

Asymmetrical-Neckline falls diagonally-one side strapless the other either with sleeve or sleeveless.

ejones photography

Queen Ann-High neckline curving into a sweetheart around the decolletage area

Sweetheart-Plunges into an open heart shape.

Keyhole-Open tear-drop.

Strapless-Pictured below, the strapless is typically cut straight across or sweetheart shaped, the strapless is held up by boning inside the bodice.

Ron Greystar Photography

Blackjack My Way Home...

Blackjack! I Win...You Are Coming Home With Me:-P

Finally my Blackjack store (By Fashion Conglomerate, Club 21), Tsumori Chisato purchase is home with me!:-P

More Tsumori Chisato items have arrived in Blackjack. There's a pair of shoes that's looking exceptionally gorgeous and funky. Plus the price is reasonable as well at just SGD $259. It's beige suede and patent leather. Nice! But that's another shopping story for another day.

Pics of what's inside the bag to come soon:-)

P.S. I need to sell my LV bag and other bags as well! My Big Birthday present to myself is coming soon!...Oh my! Make way, my lesser bags!