Elena Anaya Feet

Elena Anaya feet pictures, Elena Anaya legs, Elena Anaya toes, Elena Anaya barefoot and shoes.

Elena Anaya is a delightfully talented Spanish actress.

Ehrinn Cummings Feet

Ehrinn Cummings feet pictures, Ehrinn Cummings legs, Ehrinn Cummings toes, Ehrinn Cummings barefoot and shoes.

Ehrinn Cummings is a sexy Canadian model, known for her work with Gucci and GAP.

Edith Bowman Feet

Edith Bowman feet pictures, Edith Bowman legs, Edith Bowman toes, Edith Bowman foot and shoes.

Edith Bowman is a lovely Scottish radio DJ and television presenter.

Edie Falco Feet

Edie Falco feet pictures, Edie Falco legs, Edie Falco toes, Edie Falco foot and shoes.

Edie Falco is a fantastic American actress, known for her role on the television show The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie.

Eden Riegel Feet

Eden Riegel feet pictures, Eden Riegel legs, Eden Riegel toes, Eden Riegel barefoot and shoes.

Eden Riegel is a lovely talented American actress, best known for her role as Bianca Montgomery on the soap opera All My Children.

Duffy Feet

Duffy feet pictures, Duffy legs, Duffy toes, Duffy barefoot and shoes.

Duffy is a magnificent Welsh singer-songwriter.

Drew Barrymore Feet

Drew Barrymore feet pictures, Drew Barrymore legs, Drew Barrymore toes, Drew Barrymore barefoot and shoes.

Drew Barrymore is a tremendously cute and funny American actress, known for her role in such movies as The Wedding Singer and The Wedding Singer.


Boho is here. Meet the new version of MUSETTA. A mix of imported Chantilly laces on the bodice. The full skirt is silk chiffon lined in crepe backed satin. Cap sleeves and accented with a gold braid tie belt.

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Lulu Frost Jewelry

Goodness sakes, I LOVE these jewelry pieces by Lulu Frost. Each one of a kind piece is found from vintage and antique materials including long-lost room numbers from the legendary Plaza Hotel, cut steel shoe buckles from the 1870’s, forgotten keys, beautifully crafted locks, chandelier crystal, rare Victorian charms and other finds, all reinterpreted with a unique modern feel.


Incoming mail!

DHL Delivers!

Yes, my parcel has arrived from Net-a-porter...:-P

Mood: Excited...

swine, hog, and boar flu

i don't know what the heck i have...all i know is it's kickin' my bootay...like no other flu I've had before...
usually after you don't feel good for a day or two, but this seems to be gettin worse...
I have fever and chills all night long, then in the day sinus pain that makes me just want push all over my face real hard so it'll go away....a cough that now makes my chest and abs hurt...and no medicine is seeming to work!
ahhhhhh..my teeth hurt...ok, enough of my list of symptoms...ha ha ha ha
Yesterday I felt like complete yuck-ness, I fell asleep trying to type a blog on the couch with my computer on my lap...and after that the rest of my night was taking a nap with my little guy..trying to make chicken noodle soup, that I put WAYYYYYYY tooo much salt in....showering....and hoping my Tylenol Severe Cold/Flu Nighttime med would kick in....
and right now, I'm typing this from the lower bed of my little peeps bunkbeds...while we might watch "Enchanted" for the 5th time....I love that movie!
off to go drink more fluids...oh, yeah, and hopefully facebook with let me log on again, I had to send them copies of my driver's license and everything...apparently they thought I was an "imposter" of myself or something! So if you guys want to post something on the fan page telling everyone what's happened, why I haven't been on there, please do!
huge love and I hope you all are well!!!!!
kandee and her tissue box and medicine

Doutzen Kroes Feet

Doutzen Kroes feet pictures, Doutzen Kroes legs, Doutzen Kroes toes, Doutzen Kroes barefoot and shoes.

Doutzen Kroes is a strikingly sexy Dutch model, best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Dorota Rabczewska Feet

Dorota Rabczewska feet pictures, Dorota Rabczewska legs, Dorota Rabczewska toes, Dorota Rabczewska barefoot and shoes.

Dorota Rabczewska is a tremendously successful Polish singer.

Donna Mills Feet

Donna Mills feet pictures, Donna Mills legs, Donna Mills toes, Donna Mills barefoot and shoes.

Donna Mills is a wonderful American actress, best known for her role as Abby Cunningham on the soap opera Knots Landing.