The Material Boy #94

Mulberry Justin Holdall In White Ostrich Skin

Oh my gosh, another sumptuous piece of bag that I lust for! The Mulberry Justin Holdall in White Ostrich Skin, it's luxurious and decadent! I was not attracted to this bag in it's grained leather version, but in ostrich skin...I want it! In a roomy size with, perfect for weekends and lined in bold red fabric, this is definitely the bag that will make you feel expensive:-P Of course, the price tag is 'expensive' but reasonable as well for the bag. Come to think of it, ostrich skin bags at this size, it's a bargain!

Retail price: UK 1995 pounds. Where to buy:

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #03 Spring Summer Sale Now On!

The italian online retailer which stocks brands like Dolce Gabbana, Dsquared2, Pierre Hardy, Lanvin, Kris Van Assche and many others have their Spring Summer sales starting now! Expect up to 50% mark downs. Enjoy click your mouse away at, shopping has never been that easy!:-P

One thing to remember, the shipping for any amounts is Euro $50. And you have to pay local duties depending on where you are, such as me paying 7% GST and FedEx service fees for bringing the merchandise into Singapore. So I would buy only when I have 'bulk purchase' to share the costs of shipping. Nevertheless, they do have some nice items which you may not find anywhere else:-p

(I check the website and it seems sales have not started yet!...strange that I get this email. I bet it will start on Monday, a working day in Italy. So do check often to see if the sales is activated.:-)

My Shoe Collection #28

Bally White Calf Leather High Tops with Red and White Canvas Stripe

Last week was a huge shopping spree for me at Bally. I am happy to announce my 'huge success' in my acquisition of more Bally collections for my wardrobe.:-P It was definitely a fruitful weekend with me bagging 2 pairs of shoes, a bag and a wallet from the Swiss label which I have fallen more and more in love with:-)

I have already posted the Espadrilles and Wallet on previous posts. Here's the other pair of shoe I acquired, the Bally White Calf Leather High Tops with Red and White stripe details. As I mentioned before, I have been searching for a pair of white high tops for a long time, I was waiting to get D&G's white high tops, but apparently, the boutique here did not bring in the model I wanted. So I had to find an alternative, and lucky me, cos' I love this pair of Bally White Leather High Tops even more! With Brian Atwood at the creative helm, Bally is seeing a new boost in the creative direction, with more modern and interesting designs that is already garnering new found interest in consumers.

I absolutely adore the detailings on this pair of high tops. The use of soft textured white leather juxtapose with off white suede, contrasted with a nice red and white signature Bally canvas stripe on the sides and tan coloured soles are an excellent mix! The suede and leather gives off a luxurious feel, while the canvas stripes and tan coloured soles adds an attractive colour scheme for the shoe. The shoe simply looks expensive and sophisticated! I also like the wrap around suede flap which is special and cool, a design feature as seen on Pierre Hardy shoes and I have loved it ever since I saw it.

Although, this pair of high tops have been getting my attention from previous shopping trips but I was not ready to commit to the purchase then as I wanted to wait for more options. It was a good thing I waited, cos' not only I am able to own this brilliant pair of shoe now, but I got it during the sale!

At 30% discount and an extra 10% off plus 6% rebate(in vouchers) for Takashimaya credit cardmembers, this shoe is a 'bargain' for the quality and craftsmanship.:-) After I try on the comfortable shoes, it furthur affirms my decision to buy them!

Retail price: SGD $765. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City


HEAD CHIC Whatever you put on your head pulls your whole look together. Whether you go with a veil, hat or just a headpiece, there's an option out there for every bride.
RETRO LOOKS: A Touch of Ages Past. A look at some vintage chic gowns and accessories from early 19th century inspirations to the 1950s glamour era.

Mariah Carey Photoshoot 2008 for Parade

In the latest issue of PARADE magazine in which Mariah Carey occupies its front cover and much more, the divalicious singer had a chat with James Kaplan about leading a public life, being called, well, a "diva" and reconciling with her father. She also opened up about more personalised issues such as how she had to deal with the pains of her past to work her way back to the top. Here is the cover of the mag and a few pictures from the photoshoot (inside):

The headline is pretty intriguing as it asks: WILL MARIAH CAREY TOP ELVIS? She's sure to not just top one person. In fact, the claws will be out when she T0PPLE$ Madonna into the ground and give the washed out Queen of Pop a good ass kicking next month when they both release their albums. Many say, Mariah needs to start acting and dressing her age but Mariah says: 'I'm eternally 12. And that 12-year-old inside me is an eternal optimist.' She has a point. You're as young as you feel I guess. Anyway, I've posted the photoshoot and the exceprts after the cut.

Maria Sharapova On the Cover of Ocean Drive Magazine

Maria Sharapova the Russian Sprots beauty player posed for Ocean Drive Magazine. Her photos together with an interview show in the March Issue of the magazine.
She is one of the most beautiful female athletes at the moment and seem like she is doing lots of fashion shots including her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. As you already know she has what to show us so it will be a lost if she wouldn’t play the supermodel role to.

Related Post:-

GREEN CHIC:Going with Environmentally Friendly and Recycled Fabrics

By Amy-Jo Tatum

Going Green? Though its big time trendy now, years back green brides were comming through my door on a regular basis. Where did they all come from? Awesome green Northern California. The bride in the tea-dyed hemp and silk gauze dress above wanted to know every material that went into the making of her dress. This is becoming more rule than exception. Since more brides are going custom or buying wedding wear in green-alternative boutiques, there's not only a need to know what materials go into the making of a dress but also who is making the piece and where. As one bride put it, "I couldn't stand up and make such an important commitment, knowing in my heart any part of what I had on my body might have been put together by prison labor or in a sweat mill. It just goes against everything I believe in."

Going Green can mean wearing a dress in natural fibers: organic cotton, wool, linen, silk, and of course, hemp. It helps to have a knowledge of the natural dying process and thinking through what impact toxic dyes might have on the environment. Here are some questions to ask: Is that silk I love really its natural color? If it is tinted, was it done with non-toxic dye? Is that snow white silk taffeta chlorined? And was that cotton grown free of pesticides? If you find answers to these questions through the help of a green-savvy designer or seamstress, you could make this a real project planet-style endeavor. Going Green can also mean saving resources by wearing a previously owned gown. So where do you find one? Here are some options.

Walk in any bridal consignment shop these days and you’ll feel more like you’re in a high-end designer salon. With catchy names like Encore Bridal and One More Time, these places offer some elegant, gently worn gowns in better shape than your average designer sample. In fact, the proprietors of these places can get real persnickety about what they take in—some only accepting top designer names like Vera Wang and Reem Acra in all natural fibers. In addition, once gowns are accepted they’re cleaned and pressed (Ask where though. More shops are specializing in environmentally safe cleaning)
If you’re price conscious this is the place to shop. Gowns that retailed last season for $3000-4000 are typically half off but sometimes can go for as little as $500-600.
More good news. You’re going to get very personalized assistance—the same as in a full service bridal salon. Though there will be re-altering involved, you won’t have to wait 4-6 months for your gown. Bear in mind once-worn gowns have already been pre-fit and altered to someone else’s body. Just make sure they’re once-worn; an over altered dress that’s been on more than one body could lose its original shape after a while. Ask how many and what kind of alterations the gown you want has had. Typically, if it’s gone through more than two brides, forget it. In addition to alterations your shop may offer customizing services (for a fee). Shops realize with previously-worn gowns, there’s a kind of possessive energy the new purchaser wants to create to make the gown her own. Therefore some shops focus on customizing.
FYI: Naturally bridal consignment shops don’t stock set sizes like salons do. Small and larger brides might have to work closely with staff and keep a lookout locating a gown in their size.


Most Vintage clothing stores stock actual gowns from by-gone eras as well as ‘retro-inspired’ selections that are brand new. The bride in love with a particular era of clothing usually checks vintage clothing stores first. Not all brides opt for an actual gown that survived her favorite era though. Some choose a newer style reflecting the period in natural fibers. Why? Because that authentic 1925 chemise may be so delicate, without proper restoration it could literally fall apart. Think of gowns belonging to the ages like you would certain antiques: some so precious to be considered museum quality. Depending on restoration, the rule of thumb is, the older the gown the less they should be worn. If you are set on wearing that 1910 dress find a specialist in restoration who can advise.


Here’s where you’ll find some darling little ladies working for a good cause. And they can be charming and helpful, especially if you’re a bride. Chances are if you're environmentally conscious you’ve gone this route to unearth real finds before so you already know your way around. I have to give you some kudos here. Rummaging through flea markets and thrift stores takes a certain kind of bride—the kind who believes in recycling even on her wedding day; the kind that doesn't give a damn whether she’s wearing hand-me-downs. If this is you, you’re a rarity. And yes, you’re likely to spend hours and days sorting through racks of Four Weddings and A Funeral cast-offs before you uncover that 1963 Priscilla of Boston original in silk taffeta. Thrift shops and flea markets are also the place you'll find recycled fabrics and linens. You've seen those cuts of dimity and silk someone had in their attic. How about curtains, table or bed linens? Some have such beautiful embroidery that are screaming to be made into a dress.


Maybe not mom or grand mom's dress; especially if mom was a Dianaesque bride. Suppose your sister or best friend's gown is awesome? Did you know Jean Kennedy wore her sister Pat's Hattie Carnagie sheath for her 1956 wedding? With a little customizing (sash, shrug, a few florals added) you've got a whole new gown. Here's another Did you know? tidbit. In the 1940s weddings were rush events with so many men shipped off to war. Time was scarce and fabric rationed. Ordinarily a war bride wore her best dress which many times was a suit. There's one story about a to-the-floor-formal A-line complete with chapel train in white silk satin, passed on from one bride to the next so many times it was eventually lost . . . I always thought this would make a great premise for a string of short stories by Anne Beatty . . .

A few great links to get you started here. Happy green wedding!

RAWGANIQUE-Clothing and products for a fragile planet.

DHARMA TRADING-Pure and natural fibers. I've been in and out of this place since the 70s buying fabrics. They've been trading green and natural some thirty years.

GREEN ELEGANCE WEDDINGS-One of my favorite spots.

SHADOWS-Vintage clothing and bridal

The Material Boy #93

Louis Vuitton Red Tobago Keepall 50

I was browsing thru a fellow blogger's blogsite yesterday when I spotted this amazing Louis Vuitton bag he got during his recent trip to Geneva. I was drooling when I caught a glimpse of this beautiful red leather keepall. I have been hunting for a red bag for a while now and this bag is just pure luxury and very eye catching, fitting my requirements for a red bag. It's a simple design with white stitching details and accentuated with gold hardware. The gold and red combination is exceptionally brilliant. Very roomy and crafted with soft cowhide leather, the Tobago Keepall is slouchy and unstructured which makes it comfortable to carry around. Some guys might prefer bags that holds its shape, but in this duffel bag style, I would prefer a soft, unstructured look.

Although this bag is from a couple of seasons back, the design is timeless. Since Louis Vuitton do not manufacture this range of bags anymore, you will be owning a limited edition bag if you managed to find them. This thought will make you treasure this bag even more:-). Joseph (he is the lucky owner of this bag), if you are reading this, I am drooling and envious now! hahaha. Lucky you to get this last piece in the Geneva store!

One little setback for the bag is that it is without any internal pockets. Wonder why the designers at Louis Vuitton left out the internal pockets. Pockets helps to hold smaller items such as keys and wallets and will keep the bag more organised. Nevertheless, a small setback that is easily forgotten since the bag just looks beautiful.

Lastly, I have to mention the free personalisation service that LV offers on bags with a luggage tag. I love it that Joseph has his initials hot stamp in gold on the tag which makes it so exclusive, like you are branding the bag with a piece of you.:-P I would definitely want to do that if I ever buy a LV bag with luggage tags.

All in all, good eye and good buy for Joseph!

Retail price: CHF 2510. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique in Geneva

The Material Boy #92

D&G Menswear Collection Pre Fall 2008

In fashion, everything moves twice as fast to stay ahead of the trends. Even before the summer season is officially over, pre fall collections are slowly filtering into retailers. Saks in U.S. is always one of the first few to start featuring fall season clothes. They have already started taking pre-orders for D&G's pre fall 2008 collection! Although the items featured are limited, I am liking what I see so far. A harmonious tones of browns, olives and mustards, the pieces are amazingly wearable and I love the masculine colour scheme and designs.

I love the long jacket with fur trim lapels and the plaid shirt that reminds me of lumberjack style (Remember, plaids is the key trend this coming fall winter!). Even the wool sweater with subtle stripey undulating brown tones and pull strings is beautiful! I also adore the 'I love Stefano' v neck tee in sponge washed vintage effect. Seems like this fall I will have a long shopping list for D&G.

Start planning your looks now!

The Material Boy #91

Alexander Mcqueen Coloured Stripes Canvas Wallet

Talk about a wallet that garners lots of attention each time you flash out your cash...and here you have, Alexander Mcqueen's version that is sure to turn a few heads! The vibrant coloured stripes is cheery and bright and can be noticed from a mile away. I love the combination of colours, makes me happy when you use the wallet, namely, paying for shopping. But hey, isn't shopping a pleasure already? hahaha. This just adds to the happy experience of shopping.

The wallet has a zipper fastening all around and a full leather interior lining with 6 credit card slots, an ID window flap(I am actually not a fan of ID window flaps) and bi-fold pocket for notes. One thing that is solely missing is a coin compartment which I am so in need. But the colours of the wallet more than make up the lack of this feature. I would carry a separate coin pouch if I have to!:-P

Retail price: UK 220 pounds. Where to buy:

My MANy Bags Sales Updates #02

Hugo Boss Sale Starts This Thursday(29 May 2008)!

Another big brand name will start their sale this week:-) This time it is Hugo Boss, the label many style conscious men look up to for great looks that goes from work to leisure:-) End of season sale time is the perfect time to stock up on their huge range of shirts, suits or even leisure/sports wear and accessories. Men just love their Hugo Boss! (Or even the ladies:-P since they have started their women's collections for a few seasons now)

Hugo will also be on sale since they are under the same group. Look out for Bruno Pieters' sleek, avant garde collection from next fall winter season onwards:-P

I assume the discounts will be at least 30%. But past years have seen Hugo Boss being generous and giving 40% markdowns from the start. If not, do not fret, UOB cardmembers will get an additional 10% off sale prices on 29th - 30th May. Keep your credit cards season is starting to heat up!

Gender Bender #21

YSL Oversized Muse Bag

Finally, I found 'proof' that men can carry a YSL Muse bag and pass it off as chic and sexy!:-P

Check out the street pic by The Sartorialist, this guy in the picture is holding the 'infamous' Muse Bag in his hands! And it looked great for him! Not only did he look chic and not 'girly', the size of the Oversized Muse Bag is proportionate to a man's build as well, making the bag look like a nice soft briefcase. Definitely a success example in the 'gender bender' department.

Made of sturdy buffalo leather, with antiqued brass hardware, the Muse Bag is timeless with the signature Y stitched design on the front and back. Comes in a variety of hues and leathers, but the dark colours such as chocolate and black works best for a fashion forward male.

Seeing the picture makes me sad. I pass off the opportunity to add an iconic classic to my bag collection. I did not grab the chance to get the Oversized Muse Bag last season when it went on 40% sale. Geeez...I picked the downtown bag instead. I should have gotten both.

Let's see if this coming sale season will have me 'bagging' this gorgeous bag:-P Crossing my fingers!

Retail price: US $1495. Where to buy:

Gender Bender #20

Louis Vuitton Illusion Glitter Sunglasses

I was shopping with my fren in Louis Vuitton Ngee Ann City on Saturday when I spotted this pair of sunglasses. My friend was hunitng for a pair of sandals and as an avid fan of Louis Vuitton, he had his heart set on LV even when I tried to convince him to try other brands. So while he was contemplating the decision, I walked around the shop and found this pair of sunglasses. What attracted me to the sunglasses was the nice big oval shape and the glitter effect on the acetate frame. I was also surprised by the monogrammed photochromic lenses which I have never seen before on other brands of sunglasses. Most importantly, the shape of the lens frames my face perfectly and I do look cool in it!:-P

I asked the SAs if these are for men and they said it is while reinforcing to me that this design is also their best seller. Apparently, you cannot take the SAs word for it 100%, sometimes they dun know the product as well as I do. :-P These sunglasses as confirmed by my suspicions(Glitter on the acetate! Big lens!) and my research on good old internet:-), are made for the fairer gender. Nevertheless, nothing wrong with wearing women's sunglasses, they all look similar. Plus, my beliefs are if you can wear it, then it is for you, regardless of gender.

Comes in 2 colours, Dark Honey(my preference) and Light Honey(Grayish and more masculine).

(On a last note, Louis Vuitton sunglasses are limited in quantities and sold very exclusively in the LV boutiques. Till now, I have not seen them sold anywhere in other optical shops. So you can be rest assured there will not be hordes of people wearing the same design as you, which I like, since the sunglasses aren't exactly cheap. Hence, this is also one of the reasons for liking Louis Vuitton sunglasses.)

Retail price: SGD $880. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City

My MANy Bags News #12

Sex And The City Movie Opens This Week (29 May 2008)!

The ultimate fashionistas' and a few fashionistos' style bible and movie opens this weekend! This movie version of the hit TV series now gets a bigger budget and an even larger closet! Check out fabulous fashion, shoes and bags that will define the next wave of 'lusts' in many millions of women's wardrobe. I bet all the designers want their pieces to be featured in this 'sales driving' movie:-P And of course, get into the witty dialogue, beautiful people and the ultimate question, will Carrie successfully marry Big afterall?!?!

I can't wait for the movie. 'The Devil Wears Prada' might pale in comparison in terms of the enormity of wardrobe styling for this movie. Kudos to Patricia Field! Let's see if she outdo herself this time with Sex and The City, considering she got an oscar for her styling work in 'The Devil Wears Prada'.

Reserve your tickets asap! Lots of eye candy to check out!

My Shopping Conquest #08

Bally Textured Calf Leather Side Zip Wallet

I have been using my Dior Homme wallet from a Paris trip in 2005 for many months now. I think it has been more than a year since I used the wallet, so you can imagine the amount of wear and tear it gets after such prolonged and frequent usage. That is why I want to get myself a new wallet. I am not a huge fan of buying wallets, I only buy it out of necessity. But if I am to get a new wallet, I must ensure it serves its primary function well and I definitely want a coin pouch to go with the wallet. I dun fancy carrying a coin purse seperately as I know I will forget the pouch at some point in time. Furthermore, I am a 'stingy' guy when it comes to spending for wallets. I will not pay over $300 for wallets. hahaha. Strange to have this kinda budget considering I pay more for belts or jewellery.:-P

Reflecting on my past wallets, I have yet to buy any that is beyond $300.(okay, maybe slightly more than $300). So this new wallet hunt comes in at the perfect time during sale season! I can get a good quality and well designed one for a more reasonable price!

I first started with Ferragamo, but the sizes of the wallets are gigantic! Not user friendly if you want to stick it in your pockets! And the designs were conservative and plain. I then proceed to Bally and found a nice one with a side zipper design for coin compartment. That is interesting, but the plastic window flap puts me off at first. I went home without buying, eventually I decided I still like the Bally wallet and can live with the window flap. So after sleeping over the decision, I head down to the Bally store again to take advantage of the extra 10% off (on top of 20% discount) for Takashimaya credit card members and usage of my vouchers as well. I know I am in for a super bargain and that alone is enough to make the wallet a must buy!

So here you go, presenting my latest purchase, the Bally Side Zip wallet! This beautiful wallet comes in a nice textured brown leather which will hide lots of scratches. And the wonderful side zipper compartment for coins is a pleasure to use. There are plenty of card slots so I will be able to be very organised:-P The size of the wallet is also handy and not bulky. It literally fits all my requirements! (except the window flap which I can overlook, since it serves as extra compartments for cards:-). At a great price and with a functional design, I am now a happy man who has given a new home to my 'ammunition (namely my money and credit cards)' for my future shopping sprees!

Retail price: SGD $397. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

My Bag Collection #29 (FOR SALE)

Bally Beige Canvas/White Leather Messenger Bag
(For sale, click here)

I have forgotten which year I bought this very beautiful Bally messenger bag crafted with good quality canvas and white leather. It was during the time when Scott Fellows was the creative director for Bally and Bally boutique in Takashimaya was on the ground level instead of second level.

I have only used this bag twice and yesterday was my second time using the bag. It seems each time I took this bag out, I always get praises for the good design of the bag. This timeless bag is very suitable for a sleek and clean outfit and perfect for summery looks. The white is brilliant with contrasting dark edging on the leather. The colour scheme is a neutral and sophisticated combination that is very pleasing for the eye and will not interfere with your outfit colours.

I love the many internal pockets and a handphone slot, but most of all, the back exterior pocket that is roomy and easy to access. The shoulder strap buckle is in an interesting design, flat metal rim which is not commonly seen.

All in all, I am so happy to have this bag in my collection. Bally is a trusted brand for great bags.

Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

My Shoe Collection #27

Bally Lamb Skin Espadrilles

I was happily shopping at the Bally Boutique yesterday and I did not managed to eascape the temptations of sale season unscathed. I was so very tempted to buy a bag from Bally as the price was amazing for a full leather bag. And with an additional 10% discount for Takashimaya Credit Cardmembers, it just makes it more worthwhile to shop during this weekend. However, in the end, I convinced myself I do not need the bag, instead I picked up this beautiful pair of espadilles made of the softest lamb skin. It feels divine to slip your feet in the soft leather. Very comfortable.

What's most amazing is the pricing for such a pair of well crafted shoe. Made in Switzerland and very good quality handwork. This pair of espadrilles looks more expensive that what it is worth. I have checked out Ferragamo and Hermes espadrilles and they were totally over-priced with their fabric and jute rope construction. They were almost double of what I paid for this pair of Bally espadrilles and mine is made of soft lamb leather! More luxurious than canvas! The off white colour is both timeless and easy to match. Great for casual days out on weekends with shorts. Furthermore, the one thing I most like about Bally's version is it is with a slight heel and wooden sole. More elegant than just rubber flat soles. Most espadrilles are with just flat soles.

I am now happy and satisfied for sniffing out a good bargain:-)

Retail price: SGD $354. Where to buy: Bally Boutique at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

Thinking Outside of the Strapless Bodice

Perusing all those photographer sites lately guess what I found? Yes, a lot of prize-winning photos and . . . . that's right, on nearly every bride some variation of the strapless bodice--most particularly the strapless A-line. So what’s with The Deb Dress? Why, year after year does it still have extraordinary wow factor? Think of Grace Kelly (the ultimate Deb) in her celebrated white engagement dress, baring her lovely back and bustle, hair all sleeked up in a French twist. Its true, strapless A-lines look great on just about everyone and just about everyone feels like Grace Kelly in them, ie; symbolizing class and refinement.
If you're going strapless, consider adding some options to your look. A shrug or bolero can cover you up for the ceremony and be removed for reception. Want another variation of that 1950s look? How about an opaque removable top in organza or lace? This too can be removed come reception time. If you're in a sheath, A-line or evening gown add a wrap or coat either in matching fabric or, for those fall/winter weddings, in peau de soie or brocade.

My Bag Collection #28

Paul and Joe Black Leather And Grey Herringbone Wool Fabric Bag

How time flies, it will be almost a year since I was in Paris having a most wonderful holiday last Aug. Did visits to the very beautiful countryside of Noyant, stayed in the most beautiful restored Mill (My room was where Barbara Streisand stayed in! Oh wow!) and even had a quick 24-hour visit to London. Well, I have my friend to thank, for planning that special vacation. And of course, that was a trip where I also did lots of shopping in Paris, I felt like a million dollars dressed in nice/more formal designer gear with hands full of shopping bags. My mind still retains that lovely memory as if that was yesterday.

This was a purchase from that trip, a trip where I brought 3 bags home from the lovely french city. I cannot believe I did that. 3 huge bags is not easy to bring back during travelling. One of the Jil Sander metallic leather bag was a mistake which till this day I still regret, but this Paul and Joe bag remains in my good books. I have not used this bag yet as the wool fabric makes this a very fall winter bag. I will bring this bag out for a run of its money once fall winter 2008/2009 comes into play.

I love the gray herringbone wool fabric which is reminiscent of what you see on wool coats. Very dapper! And the soft leather is light weight and features interesting 'mesh' studs on the handles. I also love the option of being able to carry it by hand or sling it on the shoulders. This will make a perfect laptop or soft briefcase. It goes well with formal looks such as a nice fitted jacket. I tried this on at Galeries LaFayette in paris while wearing my Marni jacket and instantly I was sold. After making my rounds to the other stores, I had to come back to buy this bag. It just would not leave my mind.:-)

I found out later when I get back to Singapore, that Club 21 stocks this bag as well. It retails for SGD $869. So I did get a better deal after my tax refund and the usual lower pricing in Europe.

With winter season coming, this bag will be most appropriate for my winter travels:-)

Retail price: Euro $350. Where to buy: Galeries LaFayette in Paris

My Bag Collection #27

Burberry Prosum Patent Black Leather Mesh Tote (SOLD)

Time to resume posting about my bag collection after such a long hiatus:-) This time, featuring my beloved Burberry Prosum Black Patent Leather Mesh Tote from Fall Winter collection 2006/2007. To be honest, this was one of the my favourite Burberry Prosum collections. It is very wearable and features great pieces with interesting detailing. I got a mustard coloured v-neck sweater with brass studs lining the neckline and also of course, this gorgeous huge tote which is an interesting take on the signature Burberry checks.

I first saw this on the anniversary exhibition in Paragon Shopping Mall. It was displayed there with lots of the seasonal pieces and immediately caught my eye when I saw it. Made of patent leather and mesh material with a detachable fabric layer(Burberry checks fabric), it features gold hardware and purple lining which makes it very luxurious in design. This bag is trans-seasonal and can past off as a fall winter or spring summer bag. I was surprised that this tote made it to the fall winter collections as totes are so spring summer. The deep colour combinations made it suitable for the winter season. It looks perfect on a guy as seen on the runway pic.

I got this at a 10% discount as the SA told me he can get me this discount if I buy it during the exhibition by using my Citibank credit card. I went home to sleep over my decision to buy or not buy and once I have set my heart to buy the bag, I immediately head down to the shop the next day to bring this baby home:-)

Retail price: Approx SGD $1660. Where to buy: Burberry Boutique at Paragon