Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #126

Below: Gucci cleaned up their bag designs for Fall Winter 2010, back to the classics... an effort commendable when they are offering us these gorgeous bags... love the webbing detail, simple but aesthetically effective

Below: The diamante pattern now in embossed leather version... simply breath-taking...

Below: Or equally luxurious, croc trimmings that is the ultimate in precious skins...

Below: My favourite out of the whole collection, the 'half moon' bags...

Below: There's a certain flamboyance with men who carries around luggage with leopard print... perhaps those guys from 70's will be a good candidate, how about a revival in 2010?:-)

Gucci Fall Winter 2010 Luggage And Mens Bags

I don't know about you, but it seemed Gucci has cleaned up their overtly loud 'branded' designs come Fall Winter 2010. So fans of understated elegance can jump for joy:-)

Definitely drawing inspirations from the brand's archives, these new Fall Winter 2010 Luggage and Mens Bags evoke a sense of the decadent 70's (one of the strongest era of the Gucci empire), with luxurious materials and sublime style to match. Makes you want to head back thru time, back when travel is glamour and dressing the part is paramount.

Webbing trims on duffels, leopard print suitcase, bamboo handle briefcases and most notable of all, the easy half moon shoulder bags (seen in abundance on the Fall Winter 2010 runways) are all lust-worthy additions to the Fall Winter 2010 collection. The revived diamante fabric pattern has even taken on an embossed leather version in classic duffel design for savvy Gucci travellers. For me, I hear those 'half moons' howling at me next season already!

Source: Gucci

Resort/Cruise 2011 Collections

Moschino Cheap & Chic

Very CHANEL no?


Salvatore Ferragamo


Roberto Cavalli

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How to cut your t-shirt (80's style)

I started cutting my t-shirts about 7 years ago...I 'm not sure if it was in style, but then again, I've never cared about what was "in style", I just cared about what I liked to wear!

I like turning a "not so cute", t-shirt, into a cute "80's" style off the shoulder t-shirt, with a white tank top's how to do it!

So here's a fun video where I show you how to cut an "80's style shirt" and my style inspiration, and a quick tour of my old closet! (how I miss this closet, my new closet isn't even as big as a door, it now looks like I sleep in my closet! ha ha ha

What you need:
very sharp scissors (fabric scissors are best, I like Fiskars)

let's get ready to have some fashion fun! And remember: 
you don't wear a trend, you make one by wearing what you love!
wear what you love...makes you happy...and makes you feel comfortable!
type with love and fashion boldness, your kandee


Want a top-of-the-line couture look on your wedding day but don't think you can shell out the bucks for a  designer label?  Well, check out these gowns from Pre-owned Wedding where you can actually order online.  You can also visit consignment a bridal shop. Now if the word 'consignment' conjours images of 1980s gowns full of the usual pouf and paste of sequins, perish that thought. Most dresses in consignment shops are actually cutting edge and you'll find it more like going to a high-end designer salon. With catchy names like One More Time, these places offer some elegant, gently worn gowns in better shape than your average designer sample. In fact, the proprietors can get real persnickety about what they take in—some only accepting top designer names like Vera Wang and Reem Acra in all natural fibers. In addition, once gowns are accepted they’re cleaned and pressed (Ask where though. More shops are specializing in environmentally safe cleaning)

If you’re price conscious going for a pre-owned gown is the way to go. Gowns that retailed last season for $3000-4000 are typically half off but sometimes can go for as little as $500-600. More good news. You’re going to get very personalized assistance—the same as in a full service bridal salon. Though there will be re-altering involved, you won’t have to wait 4-6 months for your gown. Bear in mind once-worn gowns have already been pre-fit and altered to someone else’s body. Just make sure they’re once-worn; an over altered dress that’s been on more than one body could lose its original shape after a while. Ask how many and what kind of alterations the gown you want has had. Typically, if it’s gone through more than two brides, forget it. In addition to alterations your shop may offer customizing services (for a fee). Shops realize with previously-worn gowns, there’s a kind of possessive energy the new purchaser wants to create to make the gown her own. Therefore some shops focus on customizing.

FYI: Naturally bridal consignment shops don’t stock set sizes like salons do. Small and larger brides might have to work closely with staff and keep a lookout locating a gown in their size

Red Poppy & Memorial Day

Besides being a symbol of all that is fashionable and redhead, Red Poppy (the flower in this case, aka a common weed in Europe!) also happens to be synonymous with Memorial Day, a day of remembrance for those who died while in our nation's military service. Celebrated in almost every U.S. State on the last Monday in May, it's a day when loads of people proudly wear a red poppy in their buttonholes as a tribute to our veterans, but have you ever wondered why?

I have! Turns out that it has everything to do with the poem "In Flanders Fields," by John McCrae, 1915. Inspired by McCrae's war poem, American Teacher Miss Moina Belle Michael responded with her own poetry:
'We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.'

...and so thanks to Miss Moina Michael and eventually Madame Guerin from France, the custom of making and selling artificial red poppies on Memorial Day came to be (which is the custom today in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia)...

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Body Painting On Women


Blushing Bride

Credits: Olivia Leigh, W. Scott Chester Photography, Marla Aufmuth, Orchard Cove Photography, Myrtle & Marjoram, Koelle Art via Poppytalk, Dollface Studio

Special thanks to Shana Wilson over at SMP Style Circle for putting together these delicate Spring inspirations for us.  Particularly love the gossamer feel of all the apparel shown here.  You can find all kinds of chic and cutting edge ideas on her blog, Baubles and Bubbles .

Editorials Lately

How much do I love this photo by Miles Aldridge?

Lara Stone by Horst Diekgerdes

Alana Zimmer by Max Abadian

Anja Rubik by Miles Aldridge

Photos courtesy of Fashiongonerogue

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #125

Below: D&G Fall Winter 2010 Mens Bags... Bag charms and quilted nylon anyone?

Below: The handles and design look a bit Prada-esque or even Coco Cocoon-ish? Yes? No?

Below: D&G Prefall 2010 Collection: 'Loewe Calle Bag'... is that chu?!?!?!

D&G PreFall & Fall 2010 Mens Bags

Sale season has barely begun for Spring Summer 2010 merchandise and now we are already getting a glimpse of what's on offer for Fall Winter 2010...

For next fall D&G sends puffy ski-wear clad hunks (pity they got all wrapped up under all the thick outerwear... no skin to be shown...sob sob) down their runways. As a result, this ski theme idea translates thru to the bag collection as well.

Lots of nylon and distressed leather. Waterproof, weatherproof and abuse proof. Sometimes, you just need a tough bag to bring along when you are up for some those snow cap adventures!

For prefall 2010, there are roomy duffels with a v front design (not bad for a nylon duffel), or totes in leather or nylon that is practical and sans the usual loud D&G branding. And 'Loewe Calle Bag'... Is dat chu? Wonder who in D&G approve this bag design for production? 'Copying' or greta minds think alike?

As for the Fall 2010 Bags, it's all in the charms... bag charms. Loving all those cute little trinkets that hangs on the quilted nylon totes. Prada-esque, Chanel Coco Cooonish... whatever you describe it, those charms are what sets these bags apart. The furry pom poms, 'mountain climbing' D-hooks and rope , phone wire looking charms etc. add colour and a sense of explorer attitude to the otherwise sombre winter collection. They almost seem like souvenirs you pick up from some hill tribes while trekking those ski mountains.

Anyone for some skiing adventure next fall?

Source: D&G

How to tie a bandana

I like big, fun, accessories!
I started tying bandana (handkerchief's) around my wrist a loooong time ago!
you ask...
well, part fashion
part function
I started wearing a bandana around my wrist on make-up jobs, because I wouldn't make the make-up smudge, and it would keep my hands all free from smearing make-up!
And I also liked wearing it because it was a cool, CHEAP accessories!
So here's how to do it:
get any cheap bandana
(if you wash them first they are soft and WAYYYY easier to tie!)
so get your BANDANA and let's get ready to "hang out with me" on the computee:

Have fun my Kandee Krew.....typed with bold, dress how you want...and don't care what anyone says!
and PS. I get to go to Disneyland one more day with my family!!! It truly is the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!
I want to live inside there!
love and hugs...your kandee



I hope this board inspires a vintage feeling in all of you looking toward a Gatsbyesque or Hollywood style wedding.  The pale salmons and beiges suggest sepia tones evocative of the start of the last century when lace and intricate embroidery applications were more commonly used.  If you can find just one vintage item or accessory to work into your wedding day it will make a real difference sentimentally (especially if the item is passed down from a loved one) as well as adding panache to your look . . .