The Material Boy #05

Bottega Veneta Spring 2008 Collection

Finally the new collection is up online on the website. Gorgeous understated luxury. This spring features yummy candy pastel colours that are good enough to chew on. Especially adore the shoes. Hmmm, I am already eyeing on quite a few designs. But Singapore sells Bottega Veneta for such a high price and you pay a huge difference than when you buy in Europe. Seems like another trip to Europe is in the plans.

My Bag Collection #05

Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Utility Tote Bag (SOLD)

Before this blog becomes a miscellaneous blog about everything else other than bags..I thought I should post another entry about my bag collection. This is the purpose of my blog eh?:-)

so presenting the chic and roomy Marc by Marc Jacobs Utility Tote. In a nice beige patent creased leather, so you lug around the bag without any worries of day to day wear or ugly creasing on patent leather. I was really surprised by the amount of details on the bag. Branded rivets and even bag stands on the base and zipper pull. Long enough handles to carry by the shoulder and the colour is uncommon for use by a guy.

and can you guess this was actually a ladies bag? But who cares, the design is 'masculine' (as the name, Utility Tote suggests) and no one can tell since it is proportionally big enough for a guy's height and build. Using this bag becomes extra unique since not a lot of guys will think of ever buying a ladies bag:-) Now I am keeping a lookout for unisex looking bags. Oops, I just 'doubled' my chances to put a bigger hole on my wallet. Now I can shop for bags in the ladies section:-P hahaha. Having said that..absolutely no purses or girly designs.

Retail price: SDG $899. Where to buy: Marc by Marc Jacobs Boutique at Ngee Ann City

The Material Boy #04

Mulberry Large Roxanne Tote

Cool. Another women's bag design upsized:-) Hmmm..could be a chance to be suitable as a man bag as well....hopefully the handles are long enough to sling over shoulders and comes in other leathers instead of patent. Looking great. Will update as soon as there's news about this new 'bag candy'!

Update #01
As soon as I posted this blog entry, I checked Mulberry and yes, more pics of this beauty! And yes, I was right, it can be used as a man bag! Hurray! only posted price for the small version...I think this large version will probably cost more. It's made of vinyl instead of patent leather. But I am loving it, especially the blue version. Way cool! I think I better call the Mulberry Store to enquire more. I love it! Excited now! :-) More pics...

Update #02
Finally called up Mulberry Boutique and yes, this lovely Roxanne Tote is coming in for singapore's market. All 4 colours! yeah! And apparently, there is only one size for this bag, at a hefty 49cm. The price is UK 395 pounds. Equivalent to approx. SGD$1125. However, this is not leather you are buying. It's vinyl. Oh well, will have to feel the material before deciding whether to purchase or not. But this is one hot bag I am eyeing. Price is good as well. and with 4 colours to choose from...better start planning now. hahaha.

The NEW Man Of Fall Winter 2008

Prada Menswear Fall Winter 2008

release the inner 'PRINCESS' in you:-) so says, Mrs Prada....
what has the world become today....oh my....
any fashion victims to try this?

Image source:

The Material Boy #03

Miu Miu Leather Brogues

Check out this pair of leather brogues from Miu Miu, round toe, beautiful aged leather and a nice wooden sole. Perfect for summer. With Miu Miu menswear discontinued after spring 2008 season, and considering how scarce Miu Miu is thruoughout the world, this will probably be the last chance to get shoes from this brand. I am seriously tempted. to just make up the mind whether to order it from this new website I encountered online and most importantly, find a space to store this amongst my many pairs of unworn shoes:-(

Retail price: UK 275 pounds. Where to buy:

My Bag Collection #04

CK Calvin Klein Leather Bag (SOLD)

A sleek looking leather bag which I got at such a great price especially, for a full leather bag. It comes with branded hardware, buckles and a nice whistle bag charm, in a beautiful masculine steel grey colour. I was smiling all the way when I bag this baby. Someone even mistook this for Jil Sander which makes it all the more flattering to lug this around town.

Retail price: SGD $899. Where to buy: CK Calvin Klein Wisma Atria

The Material Boy #02

Prada Phone Silver?

I happened upon the silver version of the Prada phone while browsing Oh my..stunning...wonder how the silver translates in reality, is it reflective? is it matt? but I sure am loving the silver leather case.:-)

However, this is one beauty lacking 'brains' to match. Phone functions are very basic. More aesthetic than substance. Anyone wants to buy my black version?

The Material Boy #01

Okay...I shall start a new 'section' called The Material Boy, since this will be what I will babble about things I find interesting to buy. From Bags to shoes to clothes or whatever...

here goes my first 'The material boy' post:

Prada Bag and Shoes and Balenciaga (Spring 2008)

A new season, spring 2008, new bags to eye and oogle about. Was checking out the Prada store in praragon last weekend and saw the new range of spring 2008 man bags. I had wanted to find this bag from the runway show. But it seems the store carries a similar design (Zip closure at SGD $3350) without the top metal buckle clasp. I prefer the runway version as it is more unique. The SA whom I know was helpful to offer to check with their buyer if this design will arrive in the store. Sadly, it will not be. But fortunately, the cool 'open toe sneaker style sandals' will be! Keeping my credit card soon as the shoe arrives:-P This will probably be the closest subsititute to the high cut version from Balenciaga. Isn't that cool? Camel coloured and goes great with summer shorts. So sad Club 21 men ordered it, but Balenciaga cancelled their order. Darn! who can tell me where to buy these? Grrrr...

Talent Spotted!

On monday(21 Jan 2008) while clearing my leave, I head out to Orchard Road to enjoy a quiet shopping experience:-) and bearing the thought of enjoying coffee in the afternoon while all my friends are working. It feels incredible.

so while walking towards Takashimaya from Wisma Atria, I was 'chased' after by a panting 'filipino' girl(at least that is what I gathered). She was looking frantic since I was on my headphones and I did not hear her till she catches up with me. She promptly introduced herself and ask if I wanted to be a model with her agency. Handed me her namecard, with the company website I was kinda skeptical since this could be some ploy to unsuspecting model wannabe. But still flattering in a way considering I was in my geeky glasses. hahaha. Gave her my number and surprisingly, she called the following day to arrange for an interview. I had check the website and it look really professional done. But working as an art director, I knew it takes more than looks ot model..and I dun think I can ever pose with ease in front of the camera. So I chicken out and ask to call her back which of course I did not. :-) but nonetheless, a very flattering experience. At least, I knew I was talent spotted:-) hahaha.

My Shoe Collection #02

Dior Homme Khaki Leather Sneakers with Silver Side Detail

I got this brilliant pair of shoe for a fantastic price (50% discount). Dior Homme shoes seldom get discounted for classic sneaker range. So I was very surprised. This spring season, this design came in white with a range or coloured stripes and a version in black.

Although I encounter quite a bit of problem ordering this finally came thru and I received this pair of shoes in the mail by DHL this past wednesday. Excellent design, comfy. I had to get the shoe in 41.5 when I usually wear 40. Surprisingly, the shoes was not much bigger than size 40(compare it with my other size 40 Dior Homme shoe). A bit loose. Great for winter since I will wear thick winter socks. Or I can buy some in soles and wah la...fits like a glove:-)

Retail price: UK 250 pounds. Where to buy:

My Shoe Collection #01

Dries Van Noten Metallic Silver Laceups

Okay okay... I know I setup this blog to published my bag collection...but since I have plenty of shoes as well..might as well combined it. but Bags is my greatest passion still.:-P No doubts about that.

Here's my recent purchase in Dec 2007. A pair of silver laceups from Dries Van Noten. Simply divine and chic. and Gucci is doing the silver shoe thing for spring I might as well get the look at a sale price! hahaha.

Besides this silver pair...I also found out he made it in gold colour in a brogue style. I came across it on Was so tempted to purchase it..but chose a pair of Dior Homme sneakers instead. Come to think of it...miss out on a great pair of shoes! Darn!

so which one looks better? Silver or gold?

Retail price: SGD $799. Where to buy: Club 21 Men at Four Seasons Hotel

My Bag Collection #03 (FOR SALE)

Marni Canvas Tote with Polished Leather Pocket (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

Got this during the recent fall winter 2007 Club 21 sale. A functional bag with a nice soft 'cushiony' handle, a removable shoulder strap and the best feature of all...contrasting with a nice polished leather pocket. Easy to carry and will not go out of season.

Oh BTW, while I was posting pictures of this bag in the fashion forums @, a fellow blogger caught sight of this and requested to post it on his blog. Check out A nice blog site about bags as well:-)

Retail Price: SGD $1649. Where to buy: Club 21 Men at Four Seasons Hotel

My Bag Collection #02 (FOR SALE)

Gucci Python Skin Large Tote (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

While on holiday in Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt) this past Dec (2007), I got this exotic stunning beauty from Gucci at an irresistable price (50% discount)! Although this was 2 seasons later that I snag this bag...but a beauty is timeless. I almost lost faith in Frankfurt retail scene or even Germany's retail scene until I found this bag. Imagine my exhilaration when I see this bag resting proudly on the shelf(okay okay..maybe I am the only 'stupid' person who sees this bag sitting lonely on the dusty shelf). hahaha. I had fallen in love with this bag when it was first released. But I will never spurlge SGD$6000 for a bag, so my hopes of owning this bag was cast aside due to 'financial' reasons. I was so happy to find this baby at a price within my range.

Real python skin and a huge piece of it..for that matter.:-P Finally, I can proclaim I own an exotic skin bag. Comes with customised silver hardware, braided leather handles and a removable shoulder strap. One drawback is this bag is heavy. and python skin isn't exactly easy to care and maintain. so have to be careful when using this bag. Not taking this bag out on a rainy day for sure!

Retail price: Euro $2990. Where to buy: Gucci Frankfurt

My Bag Collection #01 (FOR SALE)

Mulberry Maxi Mabel Bag (FOR SALE: Click here)

A slow start is better than no start. so here's the first bag from my collection to be posted. The ultra roomy and light weight, MULBERRY MAXI MABEL (for this size it's like a feather!). Perfect size for a guy without looking girlish and minimal maintenance required due to the inherent aged look and natural creases. Goes well with any outfit. Rugged, classy, street, casual, dressy etc. This is why this bag stays at the top favourite for me now in my collection. Way to go Mulberry!

Retail price: SGD $3099, Where to buy: Mulberry Boutique at Hilton Hotel

My very first post on my very first blog

My very first post on my very first blog

What better way to start my first post on my first blog by setting myself a 'new blog' resolution, my most wanted bag of the moment...the very stunning Gucci monogrammed bags from the fall winter 2008 collection. Usually I am not a fan of gucci monograms. too many ah lians/bengs are carrying the cheap looking fabric bags. just for people who cannot afford real luxury leathers yet want to use designer goods. each his own. but this range of 'babies' is stunning. with crocodile leather handes, metal studs and customised hardware...all shouting to me...please buy me, please buy me. so I succumb to the 'pleas' of these beauties and will now set up a 'bag fund' for their arrivals in 8 months time.:-)

next up, will start posting my entire collection of bags:-) hey, isn't that what this blog is all about? so much work...oops

Jennifer Lopez

Since Xtina is about to pop soon, somebody has to take over the title of "Knocked Up Kumquat" and that someone is JLo. She's looking a perfect shade of tangerine on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. She told the magazine that she doesn't know if she'll be a working mother.

She said, “I don’t know — and I like that, because my life has been so planned for so many years. Once I did the tour, I really just wanted to shut it down.” I think retirement is the best option for JLo. She shouldn't humiliate herself even more. Her album flopped and her movies suck. She should continue with her nasty ass fragrances and designing whatever she designs and stay in the back! Let Skeletor bring home the bacon. Speaking's what she said about her husband, “He made me realize you can be an artist, and have credibility and success, without your life being on public display. This is my experience and my husband’s experience, and we get to hold that for a little while.”