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There are FAQs I get all the time. My email box is proof the two most frequently asked are: 1.) How long does it take to create a custom designed gown? and 2.) How much does it cost?
We designers put in oodles of hours and a high level of craftsmanship when it comes to creating one-of-a-kind gowns. Working with fragile, white fabric and delicate laces is an art form. Add to that keeping those fragile laces intact and white gowns looking fresh through fittings. Figure a gown hand-crafted by a designer usually takes 4-6 months to complete from a listing of your measurements. The greatest thing about custom design is that you'll have more of a one-on-one collaboration with the designer and input on any choices of fabric, silhouette and overall style.
Chances are, no, unless you order Lady Di's silk taffeta gown with the 25 foot train and layers of uber-pouf. Most custom designs run neck and neck with the prices you'll find in better salons. Custom designers usually work all the materials and labor into the price of the garment. Prices can range from, $1000.00 for something simple and unadorned up to $10,000.00 for the works: full trains, petticoats, underskirts, bustles, intricate beading, etc. Medium price range for a custom wedding gown as of this writing writing would be around $2500.00-5000.00.

Overall, brides are happy with custom design because of the leeway it offers. Where and in whose bridal collection can you find cotton wedding dresses these days? Or suits? Or two-piece dresses? Or convertable gowns? Custom design is optimal for the bride who wants some individual touch not offered in salons or boutiques.
The designer/client relationship is one that's very special so enter with care. Just like any relationship you must be in simpatico. In simpatico first with the design vision and then with your working relationship. You can help by bringing photos, magazine clippings, sketches or swatches of fabric to the initial consultation. All your ideas are discussed with the designer running a few ideas back to you. Choices and cost of materials, fabrics and a few other details are usually explored. If the designer has a small sample collection, this is usually when you can begin trying gowns on to see what the fabrics are going to look and feel like with you in them. This is the time too to look over how well the samples are made. Don’t worry about whether or not you know haute couture techniques here—just pull up a hem or look at the inside of one of the garments and you’ll know if its cleanly made and as beautiful on the inside as out.

Eventually, a gown is in the making. After a final sketch is approved, a written estimate follows, complete with fabric swatches and your measurements are finally taken. For every gown order, a paper pattern is made. Think of the paper pattern as a blueprint, a record with all your dimensions on it. From this, most designers (some dressmakers too) work out a muslin. A muslin is an actual cotton mock-up and ‘living pattern’ of the gown design, fitted exactly to your body. Now, think of the muslin as the foundation work—laying all the necessary groundwork upon which your dress will be built. This is where most of the fine-tuning is done to get the perfect fit before one cut or stitch goes into the true gown fabric(s).
After your muslin fittings (there may be two of them), the muslin is unstitched and laid out on the actual fabric and the gown is made up. Since most of the fitting is worked out on the muslin, second and third fittings usually follow up with finishing touches on the gown like, final hemline, closures, remaining design details, etc. Be prepared for more than three fittings though. A gown made from the ground up is a work in progress and each step along the way is painstakingly taken, checked and rechecked. Keep in mind you want your gown delivered at least a month before your wedding. Yes. You need to synchronize your calendars on this one. You want to be able to relax and deal with all those other last minute details involved in your wedding, not still fussing around over hemlines.
If you want to view some awesome samples of custom design, visit my new pages at

Style: Black & White baby!

As I have mentioned before, my wedding reception colors are black & blush (light pink), but my ceremony colors are actually black & white (I figured i'd leave the color for the reception). :o)Anyhoo, my bridesmaids are wearing black knee length dresses and I'm wearing a black & white cocktail dress to the rehearsal dinner. Here are some awesome dresses from White House / Black Market. I heart this store!


Thank God for Etsy! Their bridal accessories shops are growing and a boon for brides who want to bypass run-of-the mill salon offerings in hair chic. Check out Jennifer's gorgeous hair combs, head bands and barrettes if you are thinking about a headpiece to accompany your veil or going with great hair styling and adding hair ornaments. She hand makes these pieces herself. You can see more at

Amanda Bynes Pictures

I was browsing through the internet and found a shoe sight! They have a wedding shoe section. Here are some I liked (white/ivory):

Muse Boards: Red, White & Blue

Top row:
Short, summer Billie wedding dress by Melissa Sweet
Berry desserts and wedding cake from

Second row:
Moschino satin peep toe pump in electric blue from
Dogeared cherry Make-a-Wish necklace from
French birdcage veil with silk flower and Swarovski crystal brooch from qgdesigns on

Third row:
Homemade jam wedding favors from
Mason jar candleholders from

Bottom row:
Cotton Claudine tank dress from

My Favorite: Esty Shop

My favorite Etsy shop is... Drum roll please...... FDL TEAM SHOP (FDL = Fashion, Design & Lifestyle)

Why: Beacuse they Rock! And they offer a variety of items produced by different team members. The various artists are all amazing and bring such an eclectic mix to the online shop!

Did I mention that they have a blog?? they do! Check it out here.

Here are a few pieces from the shop. They make wonderful bridesmaid gifts! Or perhaps.. a gift for the bride ;o)

The Material Boy #131

Raf Simons Show Style Bag

Hmm, I could not make up my mind if I like this Raf Simons Show Style bag or not. On one hand I love the use of materials other than your usual leather and canvas for bags, and on the other hand, the design is not exactly fresh and new to make it worth buying.

However, one thing is for sure, I love the marble textured effect on the bag. That I have to admit is very interesting and unique. The black and grey colour scheme also makes it very fall winter season.

This weekend 'holdall-style' bag is made from heavy duty woollen felt(I applaud Raf Simons for experimenting with more unique materials) and leather. It features a middle zip compartment if you want more security and 2 side open ones for easy access of your bag contents. The roomy bag also has a leather base with metal stud feet to minimise abrasion.

I leave it to you guys to figure if this bag is something you would fall in love with:-) or not.

Retail price: UK 889 pounds. Where to buy:

Michael's 20% off Sale

Get 20% off purchases at Michaels with this printable coupon through August 2nd!

My MANy Bags News #21

Louis Vuitton iPhone Case Does Not Fit New 3G Version!

I was browsing thru sean-inc's blog and he posted a very important piece of information for iphone and LV lovers. Read his blog for full details.

Here's what's written on his blog:

Bad news for iPhone owners who are LV lovers !!!
Apparently, the new iPhone 3G is slightly too big for any of LV cases that are available right now. I stopped by the store yesterday to get one for my friend and SA told me the cases are for the old version of iPhone (even the not yet released Damier Graphite, what a bummer !!!) Then, he told me the story of one customer brought in 3G to try on and got stuck. That SA had to cut the case open to get the iPhone out.

So sad. Cannot look chic and tech savvy at the same time now! LV, please revised your sizing fast!

Source: Sean-inc