Super Shiny and Super Cheap

Yep, i'm talking about Lip Gloss, not your brand-new and used plastic couch covers. Thanks to the checkout stand research and subsequent purchase my clever friend conducted on her last trip to Walgreens, a new Lip Gloss has been discovered: INCOLOR Squeeze 'n' Shine Super Shiny Tasty Lip Gloss in Clear by Jordana (now that's a big shiny mouthful). It has just the right thickness and slightly sticky texture that brings out your natural lip color, and lasts through a two hour movie, plus previews, staying smooth and crystal clear on your puckered lips. It's also a bargain at $1.99, and seventeen times cheaper (and less goopy) comparably than MAC's Lipglass which sells for $14. Available in five redhead colors, besides Clear from

My MANy Bags News #57

Burberry Menswear Sport Collection Spring Summer 2009

If you want to mix British sensibility and sports functionality, there is no one better than Burberry who could do the job better! Introducing their new line of Burberry Menswear Sport Collection. With a rich history of providing functional weatherproof performance wear for explorers and sportsmen since its foundation in 1856, the brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and style. With this rich experience and now updated with modern aesthetics, the end result is something I deemed noteworthy for every outdoor loving dandy in modern context:-)

Am loving the range of looks of with super light weight parkas and bombers paired elegantly with running shorts, scarves or even slim trousers and hooded sweats. Fabric innovation have always been part of Burberry's heritage, hence this collection sees cool technical performance-enhancing fabrics ranging from waterproof nylon laminates, silk jersey to breathable nylon jersey. I ever expect jersey cloth to be woven from silk. This takes luxury to a new functional level.

The colours are very summer outdoorsy. Using a mix of Burberry's iconic palette of red, black and white in addition to greys, vermilion, yellows and marine blues, the colour range is both fun and sporty.

Besides the clothing, this collection also includes trainers, flip flops and even nylon bags.

All sporty gentlemen out there, this summer you have no excuse to look shabby whether you are running a marathon or charting your yacht out to the high seas! All thanks to Burberry:-)


A little imagination goes a long way. Such is the pairing of custom design on the stunning Natalie Angela who saw this cloud of soft pink organza in her mind and went on the hunt for a pattern and fabric. The 1957 Butterick pattern below was her inspiration point. I love these vintage patterns and buy them often just to check out the dart and seam lines of the day (yes, they were slightly different back then).

The 'Pink Photos' as I call them were taken by San Francisco photographer, John Carmen whose work captures a scope of real and true detail.

Yes, the styles in the pattern below remind me of something worn by January Jones on Mad Men, my favorite show.

My Bag Collection #46 (FOR SALE)

Mulberry Eliot Tote In White
(FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

This poor handsome Mulberry Eliot Tote in White has been a 'kept boy' since many moons ago (more than a month:-P), kept from the outside world and only privy to my eyes. So I thought now is the time to free him and officially inaugurate him into my bag family!

As I mentioned here before, this was one of the bags that got me excited about Mulberry this season. I was not very impressed when I first saw the pictures, but upon beholding in real life, this tote has a streamlined shape and slender depth that makes it very appealing. Made of soft grained leather and unlined, it spots comfortable length handles(long enough to shoulder sling) with leather grips for comfort. An internal pocket with zip makes for a handy compartment for small items. However, the slim shape is what sold the bag for me. Not cumbersome nor too huge like most tote bags, yet big enough to look proportionate on me for my daily use. That is why I had to run back to the store to buy this bag despite risking further 'baked beans' fate under the present bleak economic outlook. My search for a white bag has thus ended with this pristine bag, handsome in its own way, like a handsome prince in white leather(not horse:-P) and waiting to accompany me on a Hampton's-like holiday. I imagine myself enjoying carefree road trips and summer vacations. What a dream:-P

2 pieces were available in Singapore. One in Mulberry Hilton's store and the other in Changi Terminal 3. So it is highly unlikely for the 'twin brother' to make an appearance anywhere near mine.:-P Unless of course the distant 'brothers' gets imported from overseas. Yes, Mulberry's website to the rescue for those who are interested. Last I heard, these totes were selling fast, Navy being the last colour to be left on the Hilton store shelves after white and deep red.

I am fast becoming a huge fan of Mulberry. Who doesn't if they keep making great bags:-P

Source: Model shots from

Retail price: SGD $1299. Where to buy: Mulberry Boutique at Hilton Hotel

OtoMotif Sexy Model

Automotive world has also not far from modeling industries, many of oto vendor provided hot and sexy girl to they front page magazine to attractive the consumer to buy their magazine


Check out the stunning and touching work of San Francisco Bay Area photographer Elisa Cicinelli. Here she has photographed Caroline and Chris who chose to have their destination wedding at the beautiful Harvest Inn in Napa Valley. 'I just love the wink Caroline gave Chris during our shoot' says Elisa.

DETAILS Ceremony: St. Helena Catholic Church, Deborah Fradelizio, Coordinator
Reception: Harvest Inn, St. Helena, CA, Shana Goldberg Event Planners: A Savvy Event, Emarie & Kelly Ceremony Music: Benny Be Music, Ben Brussel Band: Ever Music Group, Steven Emerson Florist: Calistoga Florist, Michael Thomas Cake: Torino Baking, Julie Durkee Caterer: Alex’s Catering, Rolando Mafnus Hair & Make Up: Maria O’Reilly

Bloomin' Lovely

It's no secret that I love accessories, especially handbags. Toting a super cute bag around town can make you feel like you're on top of the world, knowing that your keys, money, makeup bag, kleenex, assortment of pens, notepads, sunglasses case, and i could go on, are tucked away safely inside a gorgeous leather (or PVC, or cotton canvas) masterpiece. This Spring it's all coming up roses as designers are sprucing up their handbags with splashes of flower prints and petals in all colors and textures, bringing pretty and feminine back in full bloom. (Warning: handbags are more expensive than they appear)
Louis Vuitton Speedy 30,

Valentino Bouquet d'Ete Printed Tote,

Valentino Glamorous Tote,

Judith Leiber Morning Dew Minaudier,

Tory Burch 'Tory' Print Tote,

Susannah Hunter Overnight Bag,

Balenciaga Medium Floral Print Satin Bag, Ok, I know this bag is from last season but I still love the print (and it's still around thanks to overstock).


My MANy Bags News #56

Gucci Limited Edition 'Sloaney Bag' Collection

What better way to create hype and possibly more sales for a newly refurbished store than to launch a limited edition collection as a exclusive tribute to commemorate the store opening. Just as what she did for the revamped Rome's Via Condotti store, a range of exclusive, available only at the boutique, Frida Giannini too came up with the Limited Edition Sloaney collection for London's newly refurbished Sloane Street store.

The range pays tribute to London in the 70's, when Sid Vicious and the Sloane Ranger came together to define a great British era. The bags in this exclusive range comes either in rebellious Joy GG canvas bearing the Union Jack in all its glory or a more luxurious and mild mannered blue Guccissima leather or crocodile version. The Sloane Collection is completed with a luggage set, a trolley suitcase, duffel and other travel accessories. Time to rock and roll while you jet set away!

I love the blue and red combination with the Union Jack and crown symbol. Very punk brit. Though it reminds me of Goyard. The Sloaney Collection is sold exclusively at the Sloane Street store in London. Time to round up your UK friends if you want a piece of this!

Model Jordan Dunn was seen spotting the Joy GG Canvas version in the recent Milan Fashion Week. Cool for a sassy chick! Wonder how the duffel looks like...perhaps the most suited for us...the 'punk' lad.


The Material Boy #258

Givenchy Fall Winter 2009/2010 'Bondage' Shoes

In a dark collection that exemplifies Gothic inclinations and bondage fantasies, Riccardo Tisci once again turns out a collection of mind boggling alpha male styles which challenges perceived masculinity. Beyonds the 'editorial-inspiring' ready to wear, the footwear is also one of the focal point of his Fall Winter 2009/2010 Men's Collection for Givenchy.

Bondage is the theme. And the shoes sees themselves tightly wrapped around creating a 'mummified' design. The most 'disturbing' of course is the thigh high boots with glittery texture that definitely will be 'highly contested' item for all drag queens or attention seekers alike.

However, the low cut lace-ups offers a refreshing take on men's shoes design, and in fact could look uniquely interesting among the conventional offerings we see from everywhere. Definitely a collection for the bold and those who harbour 'fantasies':-P

I do want to check out the low cut versions. At least they look normal enough while being indifferent.