The Material Boy #425

Below: Another to covet Reed Krakoff bag... the Boxer Clutch is beckoning out to me! Love this moss green
(KO/Fatigue) caviar grain version! (USD 590)

Below: In sexy black viper and burnished glovetan... what's not to love? (USD 990)

Below: Shrunken grain and vachetta, pure and modern... (USD 590)

Reed Krakoff Boxer Clutch

I have been a fan of Reed Krakoff's functional and yet industrial aesthetics. And one of his bags from his Fall Winter 2010 collection, the Boxer tote tops my wishlist. (FYI, Mr Krakoff is Coach's creative director)

Well, today, another of Mr Krakoff's creations crept its way up my 'bags-to-covet' list... a smaller cousin of the Boxer family... the Boxer Clutch.

I just love the strap wrap that gives its distinct design feature. Non reliant on huge logos, all design and pure... this clutch serves its functional with such finesse! Simple and understated, but not boring, I love the Boxer Clutch. Perhaps I will find one to examine up close and personal in Tokyo...I hope I do! Who knows, this clutch might just come back with me to Singapore! The moss green (KO/Fatigue) colour is my absolute favourite... drools.

Dimensions: Height: 6.5IN 12.2IN Depth: 1.4IN (Perfect size even for guys!)

Source: Reed Krakoff

Retail price: From USD 590. Where to buy: Reed Krakoff


May I present to you:
Kandee's Hair Tips
QUESTION: "Do you have a license to carry that curling iron?"
ANSWER: why yes I do, Not only am I a professional make-up artist...I am a licensed cosmetologist too! ha ha ha ha (you must read that in an official sounding voice! ha ha)

So I'm gonna share one of my favorite "Macgyver-esque" hair tricks!

Good old hand creme!

WHAT?!? you say!
WON'T it make my hair greasy?: NOPE, there's usually more waxy, greasy, oily ingredients in hair products that are used to smooth hair.

Can I use lotion? If you want to use it as a smoothing cream to add shine, a creme is better, lotion tends to be more watery.

Now let's get down to hair business! Hair fabulousness in 3....2....1

hope all your hairs want to work together and look nice today! hee hee...your kandee

My MANy Bags News #287

myMANybags In Tokyo And Hokkaido!

Yes, the time has come for Kevin to venture into the ultimate land of retail therapy, delicious ramen and sushi, the home of Hello Kitty... JAPAN for the first time!

Today I will be off to Tokyo, then Hokkaido (So it is not all about shopping! To prove I am not a 'shallow' traveller and only does shopping:-P). My new trusty Panasonic Lumix GF1 Camera will finally be put to the field test. Hope I will bring you the sights and sounds of this amazing country in the 11 days I am there! Will blog and share my retail adventure each night:-)

Sayonara... See you guys in Japan and then some!

Source: Flickr

South India Actress Aditi Agarwal, Hot Aditi Agarwal Wallpaper, Photo, Images

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South India Actress Aditi Agarwal Biography :
Aditi Agarwal is a South Indian actress. She made her debut in Raghavendra Rao's Gangotri (2003) with Allu Arjun. She played actor Prakash Raj's daughter who falls in love with her servant in this movie. The actress, who is Arthi Agarwal's sister, has also acted in M.S.Narayana’s Koduku.

Hollywood Actress Britney Spears Hot Wallpapers, Britney Spears Photo & Pictures

Britney Jean Spears born December 2, 1981 is an American recording artist and entertainer. Raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears began performing as a child, landing acting roles in stage productions and television shows. During her first decade within the music industry, she became a prominent figure in mainstream popular music and popular culture, followed by a much-publicized personal life. Find the latest Britney Spears Hot Wallpapers, Britney Spears Hot Images, Britney Spears Sexy Pictures, Britney Spears New Wallpaper, Celebrities Wallpaper, Free Britney Spears Celebrities Wallpapers. Spears has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling music artists.

Rumours related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan pregnancy

Rumours related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan pregnancy

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Rumors related to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have again started making the rounds. The rumors, this time, are related to her pregnancy not in India but in Dubai.
But rumors have become such a routine affair for Ash that she does not even clarify them. We presume that she chooses to laugh it off.
Ash had some interviews scheduled in Dubai, but they were canceled at the last moment leading to speculation among the small community of Indian journalists in the Middle East.
"Unless it is a case of dodgy Indian curries that is slowly but surely emanating, the rumor mills are grinding to grist the possibility of a classic Ash diva tantrum because she is pregnant," quoted the local newspaper in Dubai.
Sources had informed the newspaper that Ash was not well and hence had canceled the said interviews. This is not the first time that the buzz about her pregnancy has reached us.
Had we believed in all these gossips Ash and Abhishek should have had a few babies by now. We guess we should leave the couple alone and give them the benefit of doubt and the honour to make the announcement themselves.
After all, their marriage was the biggest ever in Bollywood and when the Bachchans will confirm any such news it would surely be the biggest one, too.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Good Morning America

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas on Good Morning America (Photos)

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24:  Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin and dancer Mark Ballas, contestants from Season 11 of the Dancing with the Stars competition dance during a visit to Good Morning America at ABC Studios on November 24, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin and her pro partner Mark Ballas shared their dancing experience during an appearance on ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday in New York City.

"I'm very thankful to be here with everyone. It's been an awesome season," Bristol said.

"She's wonderful. She tried really hard. I was just really proud of Bristol and proud to be in the finals," Mark said adding that he was "really grateful" to have her as a partner.

However, Mark's father, Corky Ballas does not seem to be a big fan of Bristol. "Everyone expected Jennifer to win," Corky Ballas, a retired professional ballroom dancer recently told to RadarOnline. "Comparing her (Bristol) to Jennifer Grey was like a Volkswagen to Rolls Royce."


NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 24:  Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol Palin and dancer Mark Ballas, contestants from Season 11 of the Dancing with the Stars competition dance during a visit to Good Morning America at ABC Studios on November 24, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Shakira Hips Dont Lie - Sexy Pictures

Shakira Gives Us Best Beat

She is good in dance and this time she is performing on X factor in Germany that is very sexy and powerful upbeat dance. Shakira is hot performer and good in singing who introduces hot sexy dancing with singing. She has her own famous hip trademark on dancing and singing that makes her sexy body available to produce some pretty and smoking hot movement. She is really good and sexiest dance performer and I want her to make new awesome and amazing movements that increase my adrenaline up by looking her at those great hip shake. Truly, I want to buy any of her video that includes dance as her main point in her permance. I hope it.

Hollywood Actress Hot Mischa Barton Wallpaper, Photo, Pictures, Images

Hollywood Actress Hot Mischa Barton Wallpaper, Photo, Pictures, Images

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Mischa Barton Biography:
Mischa Anne Marsden Barton born 24 January 1986 is an English - American fashion model, film, television, and stage actress, best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the American television series The O.C..

Mischa Barton was born in Hammersmith, West London, England, to an Irish mother, Nuala, a photographer, and a Mancunian English father, Paul Marsden Barton, a foreign exchange broker. She has two sisters, younger Hania and elder Zoe, a barrister in London. Her father's work took the family to New York City when Barton was six, and ten days after her twentieth birthday, she became a naturalised citizen of the United States in 2006. Retaining her British citizenship, Barton in reference to her English roots states, "I actually feel more comfortable in England a lot of the time" yet stresses that, "I like people to discern that I'm an English-Irish girl who grew up in New York." Barton graduated from the Professional Children's School in Manhattan in 2004, and took a summer short course called Acting Shakespeare at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, in June and July 2006, at Sir Richard Attenborough's urging, after he directed her in Closing the Ring.

Whats The Secret Behind Bollywood Stars sexy Figures?

Whats The Secret Behind Bollywood Stars sexy Figures?

sexy Bipasha Basu 200x284, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta and Shilpa Shetty are those B-town beauties who have the most enviable figures ever. These hot actresses have over the years managed to break the mould of what a typical B-town heroine should look like.

These are actresses of modern times who paved the path for top line actresses to be placed in an equal platform with their western counterparts in relation to their hot bods, great hour glass figures and a great sense of style, confidence and panache. However, what makes them the gals with the most enviable figures?

Priyanka Chopra is often said to be a big foodie by most of her fraternity folk, she has always managed to remain her slim and trim self without gaining a single extra inch anywhere in her hot bod, much to the envy of her contemporary actresses.

However, actresses like Bipasha Basu, Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta have always been the great achievers of great looking bods with their dedication and determination to sweat it out at the gym. The power of yoga and meditation has also been quite a factor in these actresses’ lives, which in time has given them the great hot bods and the beauty which is reflected in every move that they make on screen or off it!

Shilpa, Bipasha and Lara have also come out with their own DVD’S giving out secrets about the specific exercises to be done so as to get an amazing looking flab free body in just a few weeks. Bipasha came out with a shortcut program at the gym for women who are hard pressed for time and Shilpa too, had something on those lines with a spa recently opened up by her where one can go in for an inch loss program .

Wow! These fab looking stars may be too far from the reach of the common man, but their common factor of looking great with their hot bods and fitness secrets, is certainly something to follow right away!

Madonna opens gym in Mexico

Madonna opens gym in Mexico

Madonna has opened her first gym in Mexico.

The ‘Celebration’ hitmaker – well known for her intense workout regime and sporty physique – attended the opening of the Hard Candy Fitness center in Mexico City yesterday (29.11.10) and noted the name was an important part of the “sexy” brand.

She said: “It’s a sexy name that gives you the opportunity to have fun and to build strength as far as the imagination will allow.”

The 52-year-old singer added she was not skimping on price with the gyms, which will eventually be launched worldwide, and plans for them to be “first-class” fitness establishments.

She said: “If any of you have seen my shows, you know that I don’t skimp on them and the same is true for the gum. We spend what it takes to make a globally first-class gym.”

In addition to cutting the ribbon at the gym, Madonna also gave a dance class to 20 handpicked members to music from DJ Paul Oakenfold.

Discussing the decision to launch the gyms in Mexico, Madonna said in a statement last week she hoped the establishment could be “fine-tuned” before being rolled out worldwide.

She said: “Our plan is to use Mexico as a place to fine-tune our brand and then expand it to other countries and, in the long term, develop a global brand that includes the United States.”

My MANy Bags News #286

Below: A new Hermès Birkin combination for Spring Summer 2011? Like it or nay for you?

Hermès Spring Summer 2011 Birkin

Anyone for the latest Spring Summer 2011 Hermès Birkin in bi-material of calf leather and lizard skin trimmings?

Stunning or letdown? What do you guys think? It's a contemporary colour combination, luxurious and modern...but does it lose the essence of this bag's classic appeal?

Source: Hermès


I wanted to share with you those big three designers who influenced my own creating over the past few seasons.  Their imprint is on just about everything we see in the clothing arts.  Here it is, my own version of each designer . . . .

Art Meets Fashion
Jewelry by Studiolo
Christian Dior revolutionized fashion in 1947 with his “New Look”, a 180 turn out of the gray days of fashion following WWII.  Once restrictions lifted on fabric post war, Dior had the freedom to introduce the hourglass silhouette, showing off a cinched waist atop skirts flowing in yards of silks and layers of crinoline. Recently this defined  waist has made a come back and brides are loving it.


The great Mademoiselle Chanel spanned several eras of changing fashion. Her most notable signatures are close fitting cloche style hats, halters, separates, jerseys and strands of many different pearl necklaces all worn at once. Until her retirement in 1939, she was the probably the world's most influential designer. She made a comeback in the 1950s ushering in her most enduring contribution to fashion, The Chanel suit still popular today.
I see the Chanel bride of today much like Mademoiselle herself. Casual and classy, sophisticated and quirky. Above all stylish. The bride above is in separates: a Chantilly lace halter paired up with a long shantung skirt with a sweep train. All her accessories are inspired by Chanel.

Balenciaga Inspired
Photos by John Truong and Stuart Lirette


Balenciaga was one of a handful of couturiers who could actually design, cut, and sew his own designs. A designer's designer, his minimalist creations  were so well crafted they resembled sculptures and were considered the optimal of haute couture circa 1950s and 1960s. Balenciaga would have stayed in Madrid designing for the Spanish aristocracy but the Spanish Civil War forced him to Paris where post war he did some of his most innovative work (see what hanging with a bunch of Paris designers can inspire?).

All gowns and headpeices available though Amy-Jo Tatum