Happy New Year and a nod to some of my favourite redheads of 2008

Another year, another freckle. At least that's true for most genuine redheads. Faux sirens beware, your bottled tresses and tanned complexions don't fool anyone, nor does platinum blonde Nicole Kidman who is no longer a redhead club card member. However, there are so many converted redheads popping up all over the place that I can't help but feel flattered and even somewhat welcoming. Our world numbers are dwindling, and we can use all the red company we can get. Coco Rocha, model of the moment (and one of my faves) just recently went back to red in Vogue's Dec. issue. Model Karen Elson deepens
her hue with every new magazine cover and looks fab. Superbly enchanted and originally blonde Amy Adams became a screen hit when she went red, and my favorite natural redhead model is Brazilian stunner Cintia Dicker who continues to dazzle the fashion world.

Redhead Color Myths and Trix cereal

The following is a list tirelessly lectured to redheads over the past century:
1. Redheads cannot wear pink
2. Redheads cannot wear red
3. Redheads must stick to an earthen makeup palette
4. Redheads look best in browns and coppers
5. Redheads cannot wear black
6. Redheads are too bold to wear prints.....

Being a redhead doesn't mean you should look like a tree, or like you've been dipped in chocolate from head to toe. I'm here to tell you once and for all that these are only myths and are rules meant to be broken!! I've therefore compiled a new and revised list intended to give readheads, from strawberry blondes to deep auburn, a fresh outlook on all the colors you can and should wear. Think Trix cereal- those fruity corn puffs in magical colors of citrus yellow, lime green, orange, aqua blue, berry pink, and purple. Introduce these hues into your wardrobe and makeup bag, and I guarantee it will bring out your redhead glow better than a pink sunburn on an overcast day:

1. Redheads can and must wear pink! Just remember, strawberry reds are better suited to pale pinks and salmon tones, whereas auburn reds can also get away with fuschias and deeper berry pinks.
2. Brown shades will always look good on redheads, but black and navy look absolutely striking against red hair.
3. A redhead can pull off a true red dress or sweater, or skirt, or even gorgeous scarlett lips.
4. Flattering eye shadow colors for redheads include blues, bronze, greys, olive and jade, peachy golds, and lilac.
5. Certain colors are perfect for redhead contrast and vibrancy: camel, emerald/olive/kelly/mint greens (who can forget a stunning Julianne Moore in emerald green YSL at the '03 Oscars), purples, pale blue, wines, ivory, yellow, and even white.
6. Go ahead, wear stripes, polka dots, and plaids. So you look a bit bolder than you do already!



Harper's Bazaar









Tomorrow we'll be doing some heavier reflecting on the New Years Bride--past and present. But today I wanted to wish luck to those of you saying 'Ido' either tonight or tomorrow. If you're still up-in- the-air about accessorizing your look, here are a few great ideas . . .

The Stuff of Dreams by theoriginalpeapod

Rejoice! Celebrate! Welcome 2009!

Say Goodbye to 2008...Ready for 2009

Happy New Year! Happy 2009! Wishing all my readers a wonderful, fantastic super new year...have lots of fun, do lots of shopping (as some of you might already have been doing...Joseph, you make us proud!)...but most of all, to world peace, more bags, health and love, and MANy more bags. Oh yay:-)

And to super cute 'I swoon over your voice' Anderson Cooper from CNN... I adore you!


With the exception of my six-pound Chihuahua, this has to be the best Christmas gift I ever got and believe me it was read front to cover in one sitting. Lifestyle expert Susie Coleho has reached the pinnacle of wedding style with her book, Style Your Dream Wedding. From the high quality paper and polished layout of this lovely coffee table book to first look inside, it's one visual surprise after another, thanks to some stellar photography. Susie guides us through the planning of your big day beginning with finding your a color palette and wedding style. She describes seven different style weddings: classic, beach, contemporary, country, garden (her favorite and mine), fanciful (your own spin) and exotic. A bonus to this book is not only a pull out booklet offering a color palette for each wedding style, there's a quiz booklet, dress silhouette accordion pullout, six 8-page gatefolds full of photos, a CD of traditional wedding music, postcards, and, of course all that stunning photography.

I would have liked a lengthier section on fashion of course and more descriptions and detail about fabrics, silhouette, style, head chic and so on. However, the strong photography carries this book where words aren't necessary, leaving the bride open to getting in touch with her own muse. Using mostly real life brides and their weddings as examples in the photos, conveys reality at its finest. As you read along you'll realize, yes, with some coordination all this is possible. For me Style Your Dream Wedding will be a great reference tool and inspiration source for tons of upcoming posts. For you, it's a real gift for planning and realizing the most beautiful and unique wedding is indeed in the waiting. . . .

Greetings From Bangkok!

Operation 'Save The Economy' Thai Edition...

Sawadeekrap! Yes, greetings from the 'not so smiley anymore' land of smiles. Amidst all the turmoil and political unrest plaguing the Thai capital, it has not deter Kevin's 'save the economy' mission that I have 'endeavoured' to do:-P So from Singapore to London, London to Bangkok...my 'good retail deeds' indeed transverse miles and miles away and spread its wings internationally:-P May I get good 'retail karma' back. Had a 'retail mishap' a few days back, but it seems my past merit do hold up for me today.

To be honest, I am a little apprenhensive about the protests happening now in Bangkok. Was not sure if I should visit. My friend in Bangkok told me all is peaceful so I took the 'risk'. Hopefully the protestors will not be foolish enough to block the airport a second time, cos' that will be the 'end' of Bangkok tourism. Already, the crowds in Bangkok have substantially decreased as compared to last year when I was there over New Years. The shops here are giving away huge, huge discounts unheard of before in the thai capital. On Pedder is giving up to 70% and a further 15% for any 2 items purchased. Club 21 mens/womens boutique and Blackjack are following as well with additional 15% discount on top of the 50-60% markdowns from now till January 15. Oh my. The economy is showing its true impact on retail business. Everyone needs to clear their stock even if it means slashing prices way down.

On with my mission today, I shop the malls of Siam Paragon and a few others. My favourite is Siam Paragon as they have amazing stores there such as Paul Smith and a cool Club 21 accessories shop. I found an amazing YSL Y-mail dogtag necklace at 50% off. I am still thinking about it. After a whole afternoon of 'hunting', my shopping expedition today do bear results. I bag a real good deal (70% off) at On Pedder in Gaysorn Plaza. I never expect to find such a great great bargain for something I have been wanting since a few years back. (It was too pricey at its original price and I could not bear buying it):-P So what would I have bought? :-P Clues are sex, Gucci, and even more sex!

Reveals later! Time for a nap.

Enno Lerian - Majalah Popular

Enno Lerian is former kids singerand got very popular at her age , nevertheless along with time ENNO Lerian that first dross imut and menggemaskan becomes exquisite and voluptuous enno...profesioanlsime its becomes one of Indonesian Popular Magazine or majalah popular Star, enno is true proper nicknamed Si Enao


Lately some hats and headpieces have become an art form worthy of a place in a fashion museum. Alice Hart Couture Millinery of Vancouver, B.C. is right up there specializing in hats and some magnificent fascinators and cages. Her head wear caught my attention for the pure playfulness as well as originality.

Above the shoulder veils and headpieces like these are great for showing your gown to its best advantage.

Want to see more of Alice's work? Check out her site http://www.alicehart.com/. Also if you're more of a hat bride--oh la la! Definitely worth looking at the craftsmanship on her wide-brims and cocktail hats with feather varied treatments.

Jessica Alba - Shuji Kobayashi Photoshoot


If going clean and fluid is in your plans look for those simple flowing dresses in silk satin and chiffon with a few beaded details, maybe some ornamentation at the neck, waist or hemline.

Monique Lhuillier

This is a bolero jacket by by Monique Lhuillier in satin organza with vertical ruffles.

Reem Acra

Strapless A-line gown with tulle overlay by Reem Acra

Reem Acra

Oscar de la Renta

The Greek Goddess lives in this white chiffon cape and ball gown by Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Lately the high fashion veil is going above the shoulder line, showing off easy and straight forward lines of the gown. Also fascinators or a cage veil like the one below can be fastened into beautiful hairstyling