Kim Kardashian in Bongo Jeans

Kim Kardashian is the new face of Bongo Jeans. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet has replaced Vanessa Minnillo in a set of Spring/Summer 2008 print promotions for the designer, set to launch in their entirety later this month.
“Every designer takes a little from other inspirations, a little from what they like here and there. You envy something like this when you see everything done and all,” Kim says of Bongo.

The Runway Sniper #04

Dsquared2 Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

A synthesis of street and sports styles inspired from the mean streets of London and the ski slopes of St. Moritz. Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 showed a series of very wearable menswear with denims, fitted shirts, studded suspenders and boots in both military and ski designs. I am liking and envisioning myself wearing the high tall military boots for the coming fall season. The rolled up pants with the boots, mixed with tailored jackets, will definitely add a huge dose of suaveness to the wearer:-P. I am a denim guy, have sworn by jeans almost for every occasion, so this look will be perfect for me to pull off. I was not impressed when I first saw the pictures of this collection, but after viewing the runway clip on, the collection grew on me.

The clothes may not be the fashion innovation that Hedi Slimane’s Dior is, but it still has a little twist here and there which adds interest to the design. Surprise elements such as red plaid strips on a white shirt to resemble ‘suspenders’ and using plaid for the entire back of a black vest are very nice features.

When it comes to showmanship and presentation of their clothes, Dean and Dan are the best in the business. This time, the show is set against an ingenious backdrop of fire escapes, old taverns and even an actual snowfall. Very theatrical.

I will be looking forward to seeing the clothes in real in 6 months time.

The Material Boy #29

Pierre Hardy Shoes and Bags

The maestro of shoes! Well known for his work at Hermes and Balenciaga, Pierre Hardy started his own label in 2001. I love his sneakers with the contrasting trims, perforated leather and funky colours. He even came up with a version of the open toe shoe, but his was derived from the design of chukka boots. I find his shoes very inspirational and innovative. Although his bag design may not be as exciting as his shoe designs, there are still a few styles that are worth checking out. Purely using contrasting trims (again) and without any hardware, these bags are a refreshing change from the bags we have seen other designers. Very iconic in style and easily recognisable without having to shout with the brand logo.

I have not seen all the above shoes in Singapore. However, the open-toe chukka boots (in black leather) retails at SGD $569 and is available in Club 21 Mens at Four seasons hotel. Club 21 Mens stocks a small selection of Pierre Hardy shoes, usually incredibly expensive.

The Material Boy #28

Mulberry Maxi Mabel Bags - New Colours

With the coming of spring 2008 season, Mulberry has injected its Mabel bag range with fresh colours that can blend seamlessly with your spring wardrobe. Maxi Mabel bags are part of the colour revamp. Now, besides chocolate and purple, you have a choice of beautiful new colours of oak, pebble and sand. Lighter in shade but no less charming. I personally adore the pebble and oak colour. Now poses the question, shall I get a new Maxi Mabel bag when I already own the chocolate version?

More ideas to help the economy this spring season.:-P

Retail price: UK 895 pounds. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #27

Balenciaga Leather/Linen Duffle Bag

I just love this Balenciaga Leather/Linen Duffle Bag. A bit of an old english explorer charm and yet chic and practical to carry around. Lovely chocolate brown leather mixed with off-white linen fabric. The bag has a slouchy shape, I guess it is reminiscent of the Balenciaga courier bags. Will conform to your body when you sling in across the shoulders. And if slinging across the body is not your thing, you can always carry this bag stylishly on your hands or as a hobo. Love the thick handles which seems so comfortable to grip. A silver 'B' Logo is stamped on the right corner of the bag so the fashion savvy will know you are carrying Balenciaga:-P

Club 21 Mens stocks this bag now! An ingenious design allows three ways to carry the bag. By soft leather handles for hand carry, a short leather strap for use as a hobo bag, and a shoulder sling strap. Made of linen and leather with a metallic silver 'B' logo printed on one corner. Only 2 pieces in Singapore. Pricey for a bag not in full leather.

Retail price: SGD $2339. Where to buy: Club 21 Men's at Four Seasons Hotel

The Material Boy #26

Balenciaga and other 'Open-Toe' Gladiator Boots

At last, a pic of my most 'sought after, coveted' footwear of Spring Summer 2008. The elusive and very expensive Balenciaga 'Open-Toe' Gladiator Boots. The heel is exposed as does the toe area. Very cool and unique.

Have also post pics of other alternatives. The left shoe is from oo44 , the middle Giuliano Fujiwara and right shoe from Miu Miu.

I got this image from a Japanese magazine called Huge.

Retail price:
1) Balenciaga Boots - ¥143,850
2) 0044 Boots - ¥61,950

3) Giuliano Fujiwara Boots - ¥52,500

The Material Boy #25

Giuliano Fujiwara 'Open-Toe' Ankle Boots

My search for the substitute Balenciaga open-toe boots continues...and to my pleasant discovery, found these killer-looking open toe boots from Japanese designer, Giuliano Fujiwara. In military style, with a mix of gladiator flair and best of covers up the ankles and is open-toe as well. Very beautiful, I want these! And I read from a Japanese magazine, these shoes costs less than the version by Balenciaga.

I am in awe, where can I get these gorgeous shoes? Drooling now...

(On a side note...aren't those clothes looking equally cool as well? WOW again!)

Gender Bender #05

3.1 Phillip Lim Reversible Suede Tote

I will not say this is one of the best looking bags, but the colour is definitely one of the most refreshing. Bright sienna brown, a hue that is on cue with the summer season! You probably will take this out on nice beach holidays. It is a no frills bag. So get ready your flip flops and bermudas!

Besides a stunning colour, the interesting feature about this bag is that it is reversible. The beige cotton lining on the flip side provides another colour option while a zip pocket holds your keys and wallet. A cute little tassel detail is tied to one of the handles.

Made for ladies, but the huge size (55cm width and 40cm height) means both guys and gals can rock it!

Retail price: UK 460 pounds. Where to buy:

My Bag Collection #17

Prada Canvas Tote Bag

When there is a balance of functionality and good design in a merchandise, it naturally wins the hearts of anyone. This Prada canvas tote bag with a zipper top is a good testament to that.

I just love using this tote bag. It has withstood the rigours of my travels (Paris, London, Bangkok) bagging an exceptional heavy amounts of hand carry luggage:-P After all the abuse, this bag still show no signs of wear and tear, looking all the more better with each use.

Roomy and yet not overwhelming in size, the bag is in a rich desert brown coloured with an oak colour leather trim and handles. The Prada emblem is subtle, debossed onto a leather triangle patch. Nuts and bolts fastens the handles, with a handy metal hook and a D-ring on 2 of the them. (Perfect for hooking bag accessories).

I foresee this bag accompanying me on many more holiday trips:-)

Retail price: approx. SGD $890. Where to buy: Prada Boutique at Paragon

My Bag Collection #16

Bottega Veneta 'Stitched' Details Canvas Bag (SOLD)

Another Bottega Veneta possession:-) which I am very proud of. Singapore Bottega Veneta boutiques do not stock the canvas range, until recently...a small selection. So while I was on holiday in Paris, I took the opportunity to try to get something from the stores there. This is what I end up with on my very happy day of french shopping:-) I remembered I was looking very sharp with my very fitted Marni Jacket, Dolce Gabbana Jeans and Miu Miu leather brogues, (whose sole disintegrates after prolong safe keeping:-( apparently it did not survived paris) and trot down Rue Saint Honore, one of the shopping districts of high end stores.

At the 2 storey boutique, I was impressed by the wide selection, have never seen such a complete selection. Of course I was really careful when I ask to check out the bags in the store. No intrecciato weave bags, that's way out of my budget. Even the leather ones are also over the top in price. Fortunately, I spotted this beautiful BIG canvas bag on the lower shelf. I was expecting it to be ridiculously priced, but to my pleasant surprise, it costs a mere Euro $780. With tax refund, I would pay an even lower price. The canvas is of an exceptional quality, in a classy olive green colour. There were leather trimmings over the zipper top, and pockets (At first, I thought they were croc leather. But's some aged effect on the leather). Everything was in perfect combination. Metal studs on the base protects the bag as well.

If I were to buy it at the boutiques in Singapore, I will pay SGD $2050, as reflected on their website. It is ridiculous to pay so much more. So now I am a happy man.

Retail price: Euro $780. Where to buy: Bottega Veneta Boutique at Rue Saint Honore, Paris

My Shoe Collection #11

Bottega Veneta Crocodile Sandals

This was my first piece of exotic leather, albeit the piece of crocodile leather used was minimal. I got this pair of sandals when Club 21 Mens still stocks a small selection of Bottega Veneta. With the opening of the store in store in Takashimaya, Club 21 Men no longer have this amazing brand under their portfolio. Beautifully handcrafted, with a die-cut of the crocodile design on the sole, it's understated luxury.

However, to my disappointment the sandal does not live up to its beauty when it comes to comfort level of wearing. I had blisters for the two attempts I worn these sandals. Now I am too skeptical and afraid to wear these as it is a torture to end up hurting your feet. The crocodile leather is too hard and stiff and it causes abrasion where it contacts your feet.

Still, a gorgeous pair of sandals by an amazing brand.

Retail price: US$420. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #24

3.1 Phillip Lim Apollo Vancouver Lace-Up Sandal

I want these! Phillip Lim's designs for Tatami, Birkenstock. Oh my...not only is it a steal in price (as compared to Balenciaga's Open toe Boots...yes, yes, I am obsessed with those darn shoes!), it looks as good on the feet as Balenciaga's. And best of all, it fits the short pants I just bought. I want these! Anyone in the USA can help me to get the brown or black version? The green one is too 'cutesy' for my taste. stocks Phillip Lim Menswear, but they don't ship international. Grrrr...

BTW, watch out for Phillip Lim...I have a feeling he is going to be HUGE in fashion soon. His fan base is getting larger internationally. Best of all, his menswear designs are impeccably gorgeous!

Retail price: US$190. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #23

I got my Balenciaga Short Pants!

I knew I have never fared too well against the temptations of beautiful clothes. I subcumb to my weakness for fashion and purchased these 3 items from Balenciaga yesterday.

1) Khaki 'Flared' Short Pants - These make you look like you are an old world explorer of the far east...or closer to hear, the police man shorts from old days, 1940s Singapore? Nevertheless, they were cute. Love the fabric, colour and detailing. The construction is so complex when you look at it up close. I hope I can pull it off without looking ridiculous. I need those boots! Or Philip Lim's Gladiator Sandals!

2) Beige 3 Quarter 'Jodhpur' Style Pants - This is a longer version of the short pants. In the same design. Different colour. But it gives a totally different style when you wear it. Again, I am not sure how to work it. On its own, it looks awesome and 'cute' in a way. But wonder how I can fit it with my other pieces in my wardrobe. It's a gamble. I did pay big bucks for this pants.

3) 'B' Buckle Camel Coloured Belt - Lovely antique finish brass buckle. More shiny than the pic shows. Lovely colour as well. The white stitching on the egdes of the belt is charming.

Retail price:
1) Balenciaga Khaki 'Flared' Short Pants - SGD $899

2) Balenciaga Beige 3 Quarter 'Jodhpur' Style Pants - SGD $969

3) Balenciaga 'B' Buckle Camel Coloured Belt - SGD $469

Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel

The Material Boy #22

YSL Crocodile Leather Muse Tote

Oh my...when I first found out about this tote bag from a fellow blogger ( knew I will have to post a pic here as well. Beautiful polished chocolate crocodile leather that is to die for. Coupled with the signature Y stitched leather design and simple handle handware (Where you can hook some bag accessories, not that you need it for this tote), it is perfect eye candy!

Well, good things must never come cheap. I bet this crocodile tote costs more than 5 figures. Now if only I can have a machine that allows me to convert all my other bags to cash:-) wishful thinking on my part. At least, I have something to dream on:-P

The Material Boy #21

Marni 3 Tone Large Shopper

Not exactly what I would buy. But I thought the colours were very 'sweet' and would make a girl very happy. The pink, orange and brown is just uplifting on bad hair days. It is the female version of the brown Marni Shopper I posted earlier. However, the difference is there is a hook and a D-ring on either side of the shopper which when hooked together, transforms the shopper into a triangular shape. Only brave men who are 'super secure' with their manhood should attempt carrying this bag:-P

Retail price: UK $380 pounds. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #20

Balenciaga Menswear Spring Summer 2008

Finally, after months of waiting, my most adored look for the spring 2008 season is in stores:-) This was the look I am trying to achieve for myself this season. However, things did not go as smoothly since the camel coloured open toe boots was scrapped from Club 21 Mens store's order. That proves 'devastating' to my plans as the boots was the core basis of the look. I also learn that the shorter black version of the boots costs approx. a hefty SGD$2000! Way too much for a 'single season'(means seasonal designs) pair of shoes. I had to look for alternatives. Prada's open toe sneakers is the closest so I am pinning all my hopes on that. (Have posted about the shoes in my earlier post)

Next in line after footwear, the shorts! I know I have gotten a pair of DSquared2 shorts recently. But the Balenciaga version has a flared cut and tailored look. So I will go try out the shorts tommorow at Club 21 Mens and judge for myself. The 3 quarter length pants look interesting, almost like riding pants, but I am skeptical I will be able to pull off the look. Nevertheless, try before making a decision.:-)

Seems like tommorrow will be an exciting day for me. God knows how much the pants will cost me. Grrr...scary...Balenciaga prices are extorbitant. Wish me luck!

The Material Boy #19

Marni 'Eco' Leather Shopper

A roomy, elegant leather large tote that scores big on looks as well as functionality:-) It will probably hold all your belongings and leave room for more(shopping finds maybe?:-). What draws me to this bag is the leather and colour. Seems to have some patchy black amidst the rich chocolate brown (Marni website named the colour as Black appropriate) so it creates an interesting colour tone to the bag. Embellished with only 2 darts on the sides and small metal studs for the handles, it is uncluttered and will not erode any 'masculinity' along the way. Some men are afraid of details:-P Internal zipper pocket allows safekeeping for your keys and wallets.

(There seems to be a tri-colour version as a variant for the ladies.)

Retail price: US$640. Where to buy:

The Material Boy #18

Lanvin 'Tape' Waist Cotton Pants

Oh nice nice tapered leg cotton pants...perfect compliment to the Lanvin High Tops I posted earlier:-) Me like!!! But I don't like the price:-(

Retail price: UK $280 pounds. Where to buy:

The Runway Sniper #03

Gucci Women's Fall Winter 2008/2009

Continuing the Women's Fashion Week for fall winter 2008/2009...Here's Gucci. Frida Gianini seems to continue the russian hippee look from the men's collection look to her fall women's collection. Not only is the clothes a pair to the men's, but apparently some bag designs carry thru to the ladies. The first 2 bags are good evidence of that. I have written about the men's version of these bags for my first post here:-).

I feel the men's version has a more subdued colour palette and looked more sophisticated. The coated monogram canvas used here shouts cheapness.

Her other bag designs include a rework of the Hysteria Bag in 'carpet material'(?). I dun think carrying your carpet around is chic. Louis Vuitton done that for their man's bags a few seasons ago and I was not a fan. Too heavy on the eyes and very seasonal.

As for the shoes, the man's shoes looks a million times better than the women's. The shoe I posted here, look like it had warts all over the leather (I know it is round brass studs). Looking at it gives me goosebumps. :-)

Frida probably does better menswear than womenswear. But this is just my opinion.:-)

All images from

The Runway Sniper #02

Marni Women's Fall Winter 2008/2009

I know this is suppose to be a blog site dedicated to man bags and it's related topics. But since it is Women's Milan Fashion Week for Fall Winter 2008/2009, I thought I report something on what I find interesting in the collections from the past few days. Although I am a guy...good designs can be appreciated regardless of gender:-P

If I am a gal, I probably buy a lot of Marni. I am a fan of her quirky asthetics and her juxtaposition of different interesting materials and textures. Although she does menswear, I often find it is half as interesting as her work for women. Exceptions of course sometimes.:-). But I adore her designs in shoes and bags. And I get envious that these bags are made for women. Talk about bag crazy.

Here's a sneak peek at some of her quaint and quirky shoes and bags. Love the wooden heel and the different materials combined to create the design. I am especially liking the open toe high boots. Would look so chic for a woman! And the yellow top handle bag shows some promise to pass off as a man bag(messenger or school boy bag?) as well! Colours for winter...her palette is always refreshing.:-) All in all, I like her work this season.

All images from

The Material Boy #17

D&G Buffalo Leather Tote Bag with Gold Chain

This is evidence there is some hope for D&G bags. Lovely distressed buffalo leather, handsome colour combination of light and dark brown and gold hardware. Small detailing of studs and a metal D-ring that hooks a champagne gold metal chain. The chain adds a rock star vibe, making the otherwise simple tote even more appealing. Comes with a detachable canvas shoulder strap for slinging across your body and a removeable inner pouch which you can use seperately. Very functional design! Great for everyday use and will work with a lot of outfits. Best part of all, no huge D&G logos anywhere to be seen on the exterior of the bag:-P

The D&G store in Forum Shopping Mall has this tote in 2 sizes. The larger one is in this brown combination as featured, but the smaller one is in a all dark brown colour. I prefer this light and dark brown combination. I miss out on buying the larger tote as I was too hesitant. It sold out in a week after I seen it.

(This bag is from the cruise collection.)

Retail price: SGD $869 (Small size, as featured in the pics here) SGD $1099 (Large size).
Where to buy: D&G Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

The Material Boy #16

Lanvin Suede High Cut Trainers With Copper Toe Caps

I am on the fence about this pair of trainers. By itself, I adore the design. Very interesting contrast of suede and mirrored copper leather on the toe caps. The combination of copper, grey, and beige colour is fresh. However, when I try to picture myself pairing this with my usual outfits, jeans, skinny pants and does not seem to work for me. Maybe I am wrong. The drawback of online shopping is that you cannot try out your potential purchases to make a decision whether it works for you in reality. So with a hefty price tag of UK 355 pounds, I am holding back the impulse to buy these. Furthurmore, the other pair of Lanvin Oxford Shoe I featured here is also making the decision hard(as I like that too). All in all...I am thinking this thru and my search for a pair of high tops continues...

Retail price: UK 355 pounds. Where to buy:

The Runway Sniper #01

I am starting another new category, called 'The Runway Sniper'...since I am like a 'sniper', aiming at fabulous collections and 'sniping' out all the things I find interesting and worthy of making it into my blog:-)

Here's the first:

D&G Fall Winter 2008/2009 Man Bags

I am getting a revival of interest in D&G bags. I see an improvement in their designs of bags and accessories range. And this spring season, some of the bags and accessories has risen from 'tacky-dom' (the kingdom of all things tacky) and are worthy of burning holes in consumer pockets. (BTW, point to note, the Dolce Gabbana men's bags from their mainline has yet to improve at all. Their DG monograms is one of the worst looking and I wonder what is their fascination with that. Strange that their second line offer better choices.)

Fall Winter 2008 for men sees the continuing trend. The bags are lovely. Masculine, interesting details such as brass push lock buckles, patchwork leather and alternating lengths of leather pocket straps. I love the rich brown colour and washed leather, perfect for fall and even everyday use. The 1st bag is my favourite with the push lock buckle:-)

Can't wait for the bags to arrive in the stores later this year.

And plaids are the big trend this coming fall winter season.

The Material Boy #15

Kris Van Assche Sneakers

My search for a pair of white high tops continues...

Look what I found! Check out this two pairs of sneakers:-) I find the non uniform shoe lace position and the asymmetric detailing on the shoe very interesting and unique. The contrast leather/suede patches ( I think it is suede on the high tops and silver leather on the low cut sneaker) on the cap toe and sides adds a nice touch to the overall design. There is even a 'drawstring' feature on the back of the sneakers.

It looks 'messy' but yet it is 'organised'. Kris Van Assche has assumed the role of Dior Homme's creative director, but I feel he has yet to achieve the same aesthetic appeal as what Slimane had done. Furthurmore, I was not a fan of Kris Van Assche's own collection either. His looks were too sartorial but yet casual...and neither here nor there. But somehow, when you pull apart the pieces from his collection, they actually worked! It looks great when you matched his items with other designer pieces. His designs has a certain interest and surprise that adds a flair to your dressing.

The website I found these sneakers is based in Germany, Berlin and only has German language. So I am not sure if they accept online orders. Hopefully, Club 21 Mens will carry these sneakers in their store.

Get these sneakers at Club 21 Men's store now! They have the high cut version in Platinum (SGD $799) and the low cut version (Suede and silver leather at SGD $669) exactly as featured in the pic above.

Retail price: Euro $319 (High tops), Euro $275 (Low cut). Where to buy:

The Material Boy #14

Tod's Leather/Nylon Bags

I am beginning to fall in love with Tod's range of nylon bags. Nylon bags are great for travelling since they are light weight and durable. And I like travel bags with lots of exterior pockets and zippers so I do not have to dig into the bag to look for documents and especially my wallet and mobile phone.

Prada has been doing nylon bags for a long time, but there are so many knock offs all over the world that you feel like you are carrying a fake bag even though you paid big bucks for it. So Tod's is the perfect choice for an exclusive nylon bag that fits all your travel needs.

The Besace Messenger bag (costs US$875) is simple and functional in design. The computer bag and roomy duffle bag has the option of carrying by the leather handle or shoulder strap. These bags have timeless design and user friendly exterior front zipper pockets. The bags will stand the rigours of travelling for a long time. Personally, I prefer an all black version rather than the brown one.

Will check out the Tod's stores here this weekend.:-P