Tree House | Amazing Tree House Picture

What is This? House on a TREE or TREE on a House? This looks like amazing.

Amazing Tree House Pictures

MILAN Fashion Week Cont: Moschino Cheap & Chic

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Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #90

Below: A beautifully shot Ad Campaign from J. Lindeberg for Spring Summer 2010...

J. Lindeberg Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign

I love black & white portraits and photography. Without the colours, it creates a simplicity that relies solely on the mood and lighting of the subject to tell the visual story. J.Lindeberg's Spring Summer 2010 Ad Campaign evokes a nostalgia feel, a sense of classic days where tailored dapper styles were indispensible in a man's wardrobe. The collection explores the dynamic and vibrant focal point of pristine tailoring and active sportswear, bring modernity to the classic pieces any modern dandy will love. Check out to view the wonderful collection.

French model Jeremy Dufor fronts the campaign while Swedish photographer Andreas Sjodin works his magic eye behind the camera.

Source: J.Lindeberg

Chinese Body Painting

Tree Wallpapers | Download Amazing Tree Wallpapers

Download Free Wallpapers of Amazing Tree. Art Created by Nature with TREES which are really our best friends, gives us water, fresh air, life, food, and we also make our houses from TREE. Here published Amazing Wallpapers of TREE. Download Amazing TREE Wallpapers for your Desktop or Laptop for FREE.

tree wallpapers

trees wallpaper

trees wallpapers

tree wallpaper

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

Even legendary French designer Jean Paul Gaultier is getting on the Target bandwagon. The line is sure to be a hit and premieres in Target stores on March 7!

Throwing out trash!

we all have trash in our lives....
it can be some garbage thoughts..some old, uncool jacket that we once thought was awesome enough, to buy!
I in this case have produced, what seems like hundreds of bags of trash....ha ha ha....things I thought were treasures, things I saved because I was going to make something marvelous out of it....
and sometimes it just takes a little help from someone to encourage you to set yourself free from the garbage...that is weighing is down...

I feel lighter than an empty lipgloss tube.....ha ha ha

But that is how life is....our garbage thoughts, and the garbage thoughts that we've let others put into our little, precious minds....starts cluttering up the place, and soon, we have more garbage that, sweet room for thoughts of our dreams and beauty in our minds!

Time to get out the dumpsters, trash bags, and boxes, and load up all those hopeless thoughts, the harsh words you've heard from others, the trash thoughts of "I can't do-it-ness", "I'm never going to find someone to love", "I'm gonna be alone for the rest of my life", "I don't have what it takes", "I don't look how I wish I could look", "Nothing ever works out for me"....
NOPE! NO! NO MAS!!!...all that is trash talk...and it's goin where it belongs....GARBAGE TOWN!!!

Let's decorate our new spacious minds...cleared of all trash-talk....
and fill it with words of hope, excitement for our futures, and pure, I-can-do-it-ness!!!

DAILY LOVE MISSION:  (come join us in doing this today!)
*ask someone what their dream is, and tell them, you're excited for them and that you know they can do it!
*tell yourself, I have an awesome future...and I'm going to have so much fun today, that people are going to want to be a part of whatever I'm doing!
*When I love my life, and I make things fun, someone is going to come into my life and want to join the fun!
*tell yourself, I am going to decorate my mind with happy, hopeful thoughts....

Some people are just alive, they aren't living...
let's get out there today and LIVE!!!

smile, dance, laugh, and treat yourself to some small treasure....
today my small treat was a chocolate sprinkled donut for breakfast...(hee hee hee....haven't had one in ages, and it tasted delishy! On Sunday I usually splurge from my healthier way of eating...and this was it, baby!

huge love, and I have some exciting news for New Yorkers....stay tuned or stay blogged...ha hah a

huge love....and LIVE it up today precious!!!!! xo kandee



What could be prettier for a Spring wedding than something light and diaphanous? I've been watching this UK designer weave her magic in the bridal market for some time. Alice Temperley’s bridal gowns premiered only recently here in the US. These gems are carried in her flagship stores in New York and Los Angeles. The gowns pictured hail from the 2010 Collection and can be viewed by making an appointment at the Temperley showroom NYC(212.219.2929)LA (323.782.8000).

One Of The Best Pictures Of Rachel Zoe...

Below: Click on pic to enlarge...

Rachel Zoe: I Love This Pic!

Quiet elegance... Stylist to the stars and famed, Rachel Zoe as captured by Stockholm Streetstyle. Rachel has been bombarded with lots of comments regarding her weight, but this new pic puts her in a new light. The smile, the calmness, a moment of respite in her car... the colours of lights reflected on the car bodice to the red she is wearing.... everything element played out well to create this 'knock out' pic (She looked really good. Very elegant.) The power of good photography, it's more than a documentation but one that evokes emotion and brings out the positive of the subject captured. I love Rachel Zoe and the Rachel Zoe Project. Go Zoe camp!

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle


Christian Louboutin Freddy Flat @ London Fashion Week

I love to collect pics of Christian Louboutin's stunning Freddy Flats. One of my favourite shoes of all time. In this new pic, I love the berry red coloured pants which compliments the black and silver in a surprising way...

Source: GQ

Great Minds Think Alike #22

Below: Hot heels from the recent Versace Fall Winter 2010 Women's Show...

Below: Those shoes from Versace.... a 'Dejavu' from Fendi's Fall Winter 2009 collection...

Versace vs. Fendi Boots-heels

I cannot help but notice the similarity in design for those killer looking shoes in these 2 collections. Versace's latest offering from Fall Winter 2010 and Fendi for Fall Winter 2009. These heels with the tall leather harness around the legs is another Great Minds Think Alike?

Source: Style

Krizia Fall 2010



Here they are, little girls looking their most angelic, all dressed up in wreaths and carrying baskets of fresh-picked flowers. If you're considering adding one, two or even more little girls to process down the aisle, really dress them up so your wedding will be all the more special. If you're wearing a ball gown and like the storybook theme, go all out. Put your girls in tulle dresses with floral wreaths on their heads. Present them the gift of ballet slippers to wear. They'll cherish these long after the wedding.
If it's a more casual wedding and/or money is tight, here are some options: Find her a special little cotton or linen nightgown she can use afterwards. She'll look Kate Greenaway chic in it, especially if she goes barefoot. Remember, barefoot is okay on kids, particularly at an outdoor or beach wedding. The trick to getting away with this informality is making sure the rest of your little one's appearance looks festive enough— ribbons or wreaths on the head; possibly straw baskets of flowers.
If you're having your little girls dresses made here are some things you need to know about fabrics, particularly fabrics flattering on children. If you use silks, use medium-weight ones like dupioni or shantung. These will work for winter weddings too, provided you pick a style with long sleeves, jackets, etc. Heavier satins and brocades are out—too weighty for a child to carry off and be comfortable in all day. Instead try lightweight velvets in deep jewel tones for those Christmas/Winter weddings. For spring/ summer dresses, lightweight fabrics like organza, chiffon, and tulle can overlay medium weight silks like those mentioned above. Linen is great for casual and beach weddings.
Most of all, find fabrics and props that encourage them to be kids and have fun. Children after all represent renewal and fertility. What more could you ask on your wedding day?

it is going to be ok....

whenever things start feel OVERwhelming....just stop and tell yourself: one way or another....
everything is going to be ok....

things I don't like & things that make me tell myself "everything is ok":

packing up my house

moving......staring at all my belongings...and not wanting, knowing, what to put where.....ha ha ha

but sometimes it's great to move doesn't matter if you're moving to a smaller house, or a smaller job, or something in life that seems new scary, or different...

I like newness, and change...and even if it feels scary...going and doing things that are scary, or new, or different...those things can be the most exciting and brave...and wonderful!

I don't like moving...I've done it a lot, and many times...from different just across cities.

And I'm going to make my new little home, enchanted and lovely, and wonderful, as soon as I unpack all my treasures...hee hee hee

So I will have a whole new "background" to show you in my next videos! And some exciting adventure that I'm going to take you on.......
I've been packing and cleaning all day...and my mom will be over bright and early to help me off to bed I go...sweetest of dreams......huge love.....kandee-the-moving-company

D&G Fall 2010

Wow! I am in love with D&G's chunky knit vision for next Fall! The Chalet-Chic look is fabulous, and the layering of wool and chiffon is superb. Just makes me want to hit the slopes in my littlest wool sweater and furry Yeti boots!

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