Henley Photography
This is my versatile 'Eva' gown with an eerie twist. To top off a shoot we did last July, hairdresser Kathi Rothkop added a pink wig (in place of a veil) and so our Gothic bride was created. Actually, this would be a great Halloween wedding idea for the bride who is heavily into Goth . . .of course not everyone embraces this idea which makes it all the more original . . .

Photo: Henley Photography
Hair: Kathi Rothkop
Makeup: Rob Ward

My 'Dream Bachelor Pad'...TenFace Hotel Style!

Welcome to my room in Tenface Hotel!

Below: I love these wire puppets! Modern thai style!

Below: Contemporary decor with asian dream bachelor pad:-P

Below: Big couch to vegetate. I like the masculine colour combination

Below: Sleep like a king in the king size canopy bed!

Below: The 'king' has to pose somehow for the obligatory 'I am here' pic:-)

Tosakan box and the thoughful goodies inside...

Below: Airy and cosy Wanara Eatery

Below: Check out the 'wire sculpted thai letterings' on wall!

Below: A 'cute' wire serpent sculpture for the private dining area

Below: Chic and cool Sita Bar

Below: Corridor/lounge area with connecting skybridge to next building. Love the painted Tiger wall mural!

Below: Nice modern exterior of hotel taken from pool

Below: Small pool but relaxing atmosphere

Bangkok Stopover...Part 1

So a week ago, I would have been lounging in style and comfort in Tenface Hotel via London. A nice 3 day stopover to get splendid and cheap Thai massage to soothe away those jetlag blues:-)

And the hotel, Tenface, made my stay even much more comfortable and pampered. I simply love the interior furnishings and concept of the hotel. I would want my future bachelor pad to resemble the style featured there! Such nice masculine colour combination and yet simple and very loft like. The white wooden panelling in the living room makes all the difference. And of course, injecting contemporary Thai style makes it all the more appealing. I thought the suspended wire Thai puppets is a modern and yet innovative touch. Never seen anything like that before.

Beyond that, the room is a one bedroom apartment (Tenface is more like a serviced apartment) which boosts a generous room size. With not one but 2 large LCD can watch TV in the cosy living room couch or the comfort of your huge canopy bed! I feel like a king! And the bed is supremely comfortable. Zzzzzzz.

Wi-fi is free of charge all over hotel. One of the features I always lookout for in a hotel these days. It's important. And the tosakan box contains lovely thoughtful items such as Thai address for places to go, BTS train card, local SIM card and even an ipod nano (For loan). Tenface hotel even have a private channel with its own Bangkok travel guide programme, hosted by beautiful thai ladies with interesting travel tips!

Besides fantastic room design, the whole hotel has a lot of interesting decor that is a pleasure to wonder about. The Wanara Eatery has light and airy designs with a private dining area that has a very interesting wire frame serpent sculpture. Sita Bar looks fabulous with the curvy wire partitions and metal cutouts of Thai dancers. The common area with seating is also stylishly done up. I am a 'tiger' horoscope so the tiger mural on the wall resonates with me exceptionally well. The pool however is pretty small but it is quiet and relaxing to lounge on those deck chairs.

All in all, the hotel is definitely worth a second visit despite some minor 'inconveniences' for my stay. I will request for a room away from the lift next time. The lift do create unnecessary noise at night. I was lucky I was so tired from jetlag and also bar hopping that I slept like a log. And they forgot to include the BTS train card and SIM card into my tosakan box. Good thing is the hotel is very new and not crowded. The staff are also very friendly and helpful which is the most important aspect of the hotel industry.

Check out the website at

My MANy Bags News #28

Gucci Cruise 2009 Collections Presentation

Look what got into my mailbox today! Woohoo...Thanks to my friend Willis, who is from Gucci Singapore, I got invited to the Cruise 2009 Collections presentation which is happening next Thursday, November 6th!

So exciting and just in time, since Gucci's new cruise and spring summer collections have so much wearability potential and exciting items waiting to be uncovered:-) Will be even better to see them on gorgeous models while sipping champagne. It makes a whole lot of difference!

I hope the Cruise 2009 Collections will be a fantastic one, since the pic featuring the menswear on the invite looks promising already:-) Love the combination of greys and orange, very fresh! The tattoo print for this collection will be something that a lot of guys will love as well. Wonder what other items will have the print besides the shoes and bags. I know a t-shirt will feature that print as seen on the latest issue of Japanese UOMO magazine!

A big thank you again, Willis! So nice to you to drop my name for the invitations!

Last of all, Happy Halloween, everyone!


Ian Stewart

I told myself to pass up this sweet Ian Stewart picture hat all swathed in tulle . . . . tried to convince myself its just too soon to run another post on hats because I did one two weeks back . . . . . but . . . well . . . I finally convinced myself this hat is just tooooooooo gorgeous not to share with you. I'd love to hear from anyone who is planning on wearing a hat of any kind . . . .

Gender Bender #33

Rebecca Minkoff French Tote

As I have mentioned before, I love holiday chic. Any styles that reflects a carefree and fashionable travel lifestyle is my cup of tea. So while browsing thru Diana (, I spotted this lovely holiday style tote bag from Rebecca Minkoff. Aptly named Rebecca Minkoff French Tote, the name already suggests you are taking a sun drenched holiday in the French Riveria! Woohoo! Get your sunglasses and the most perfect tan on! Maybe even some skimmy and sexy swimwear:-) I meant for the ladies.:-P

This brilliantly coloured tote bag of beige and brown features a stripey design and a top cross-buckle closure. Stripes of this manner somewhat feels like the canvas canopy of cafes along the French Riveria:-P But the most interesting feature has to be the charms that hangs on one of the handles. They look like old luggage labels from hotels of the good old 60's! 'Royal Hotel Paris' and 'French Line SS Minkoff' is written on the charms in classic style:-P So french and so chic!

Measuring at a size of 15"H x 16"L x 3.5"D with a 7" strap drop, it should work for some guys and most ladies. I imagine tying a nice scarf on the handles and you are all set for jet set days across southern France! Me like!

Retail price: US$660. Where to buy:


I've long been a fan of Dutch bridal couture. I discovered way back, this land of tulips, windmills and canals has a unique respect for the winter bride and knowing exactly how to dress her. Holland uses those thick and rich winter fabrics like peau and brocade in some of the most creative ways. Keep in mind at the forefront of Dutch costume is that big ruff collar and various lace treatments. You'll find scaled down and refined adaptions of the collar and plenty of lace in these collections. Nobody's forgotten the Dutch bride come spring either as you'll see below.

Envie Couture

Natasja Sadi
At right is Natasja Sadi's brocade jacket with silk underdress.

Astrid Ritmeester's ensembles above and below are the real deal for chilly weather brides.

Astrid Ritmeester

Jaap Rijnbende

Jaap Rijnbende
The two photos above prove Jaap Rijnbende works great looks for spring-summer as well as winter.

Above photos: The workrooms of Els Hillenius in Haarlem, Holland.