My Shopping Conquest #107

Below: New 'loot' from Blackjack, the multi-label store stocking some of the coolest Japanese labels in Singapore!

Below: Cute padded corsages from Japanese label, Mercibeaucoup to add some colour and fun to your winter ensembles!

Below: I picked the 2 best looking ones from the 6 variants! 'Alexander Mcqueen-ish' red plaid... Scottish flair? Love the gold sequins and the fluffy padded design! So cute:-P

Below: Looks great on my NĂ©-net cropped 'schoolboy' jacket!

Below: All of them looked so cute, I cannot stop at just one, so I got 2, including this 'Chanel-ish' grey tweed fabric version...sophisticated with a jab of 'Kawaii'!

Below: How thoughtful, 2 ways to attached the corsage... clip or pin.

Below: Definitely a statement decoration for any jackets, or even bags, shirts, jumpers and more...

Below: Lookbook pics from Mercibeaucoup's Fall Winter 2010 collection. Japanese guys pull off these kind of quaint street looks the best! Love his red plaid corsage on the white jumper...

Below: Or the grey tweed corsage on the tweed blazer...

Below: Girls have all the fun too, 2 on the shoulders for double the fun!

Below: Or pin it on shirts for added visual interest...

Mercibeaucoup Fall Winter 2010 Padded Fabric Corsage

Kawaii! Who can resist 'Kawaii' charm from the land of the rising sun... the Japanese are so adept at creating the cutest things, they can even turn the most 'ugly' things into the most adorable.

When I first saw these Mercibeaucoup Fall Winter 2010 Padded Fabric Corsage from my friend's iphone pics, I knew I want it. Big, loud, fun and colourful but most of all, so cute! I want all of them.

With some free time on my hands before my Diesel Craft Rebel Party on Friday, I stopped by Blackjack at Forum Shopping Mall to bag some of these!

So out of the 6 variants to choose from, I got the 2 best looking ones embroidered with gold sequins and made from sumptuous plaid and tweed fabrics. These oversized padded corsages somehow reminded me of Alexander Mcqueen (Red plaid) and Chanel (Grey tweed). They are definitely made to be an eye catching decorative piece on anything from bags, jumpers, shirts or blazers! Love it. At SGD70 a piece, it's a must-buy!

Source: Club21 Global, Fashionsnap, Hmr

Retail price: SGD70. Where to buy: Blackjack, Forum Shopping Mall

Megan Fox In Los Angeles

Megan Fox is so beautiful she can make an old children's t-shirt look chic, Megan Fox is usually groomed to perfection. So it was a radical departure for the Transformers star to step out without a scrap of makeup, hair au naturel and and in glasses as she had lunch with her new husband. Perhaps wedded bliss to Brian Astin Green has given the 25-year-old that extra little bit of confidence. She certainly seemed to have a certain glow as she ambled around Studio City in Hollywood with the 37-year-old Beverly Hills 90210 actor. Wearing a skimpy green T-shirt from Eighties kids’s cartoon show Voltron and skinny jeans, while Brian was equally casual in white T shirt and black trousers, the pair were out for a romantic leisurely lunch 27-07-2010. More images after the break...


Irish Green
Sometimes adding a bit of a pastel or a clear and light color can add boldness.  Check out the flower girls above and the lovely sea foam green sash above . . . stunning.  These are beautiful touches for summer, all the shades of green reminding us just how close to nature we always are. . . .Thank you Mi Amor over at Style Circle on SMP for one of the most inspiring board I've ever seen . . .

My Day - going to Seattle...

My Jordan on the plane.... window seat, my favorite seat!
you can see the water from the entrance to the W hotel!
Me and one of my most precious friends Tamara...she lights up a room with her joy...and I just adore her! So excited she calls Seattle home now...and I get to see her sparkling eyes! She has been with me through some of the not-so-fun times in my life....I love you Puddin'!
Seattle is beautiful! It is green and so clean. (oooh  i rhymed)
The W Hotel where the Glaminar will be tomorrow is GORGEOUS!!!!
We spent the afternoon making giftbags, setting up the room, arranging everything, unpacking boxes...which is where I sent a box-cutter into my thumbs trying to cut this plastic zip tie of the Vanity GirlHollywood Pink Starlet mirror that will be given away tomorrow....nothing a tightly applied band-aid couldn't fix!
 Tamara drove us to dinner...then the best part....we waited in line to get homemade ice cream at Molly Moon's, this line practically wrapped around the street for the tastebud wonders inside!
My flavor pick: Salted Caramel Ice Cream
oh my deliciousness! The guy scooping mine up said it's there most popular flavor...and I know why!
then we returned to the hotel find a beautiful tray of chocolate cupcaked with gold leaf on top, sunflower seeds, a fruit basket, and a big bottle of Fiji water...with a precious card from Casey that works in the W bar, saying she is a fan! I had to go find her and hug her and thank her!

I am beyond tired and hope this blog post isn't crazy-tired-typed...ha ha ha ha
I heart Seattle! (oh then I asked my mom, "what's that movie where they are dating in Seattle?"...and she says, "oh, you mean SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE"?....ha ha ha ha...and i said yes, i need to go to bed right this second in Seattle! ha ha ha ha

typed with love and tired fingers....your kandee

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Blog Bestie: AmyJean of Weddzilla

Meet The Relentless Bride, AmyJean. She's currently the
Director of Community Development for Weddzilla & one of my Blog Besties! I've been following Amy's Blog since I started planning my wedding! She's an awesome voice in the wedding blogging world. Here's a little Q&A to better get to know her & Weddzilla!

1. What is and what is your role within Weddzilla? is the first website in the wedding industry to fully integrate the wedding planning process into popular social networks. leverages the power of community to simplifying the wedding planning process for our Nearlyweds. It’s all about connecting them with their perfect vendors and making their wedding planning easy, social, and fun. It's Wedding planning simplified.

My role with is the Director of Community Development - so my focus is on creating and stimulating the community for both brides and vendors. The main avenues of communication that we use are the Blog, which has many brides and Mrs. Bloggers as well as featured vendor blog posts which are provided to help brides with advice, answers to general questions, and tips on how to plan stress-free; twitter and facebook. Our main goal is to simplify wedding planning with useful social tools and to provide a community that is supportive, informative and just fun to be involved with.

2. How is Weddzilla changing the game for online wedding planning?

Social media is changing the way brides and vendors interact and is at the forefront of this new frontier. By making it easier for a bride to find her vendor, from near or far, and involving her friends and family with the various social tools on the site - planning becomes instant, fun and easy.

3. What is the one feature you would highlight for Wedding Professionals to use?

Our Weddfieds are the game changer for vendors. They allow wedding professionals to be proactive in connecting to the Nearlyweds that need their services anytime they want, without paying for leads. You can set your search parameters by zip code, budget, and wedding date. We notify vendors every time a Nearlywed creates a post that matches their search criteria and they’ll be able to start connecting with the brides they want to work with directly through

4. What is the one feature you would highlight for Nearlyweds to use?

Our Nearlyweds are loving how easy the Weddmark (a visual bookmarking tool) makes makes collecting and organizing inspiration from all over the web. You can watch a demo here.

And of course they love the fact that each new item they Weddmark between now and September 30, 2010 gives them one entry in the “Weddmark Challenge” and a chance to win a $1,000 gift registry from Macy’s!

5. Do you do Webinars or educational series to help Nearlyweds or Vendors?

I don't personally but our Director of Marketing, Sara Morgan does. She's involved in a great social media presentation called “Social or Die.” Making social media a part of your daily business routine is a lot simpler than you may think and our “Social or Die” presentation is takes a straight-shooting approach to help wedding professionals “get real” about how to grow their business through social media.

6. Tell us about your experience (an anecdote) about working with an up-and-coming internet company. What has the journey been like?

Being involved with has truly been a blessing. It's an amazing feeling to see something start from an idea and grow into a product... especially one that I know will be such a helpful tool for brides everywhere. Planning my own wedding long distance and seeing how much I utilized the internet, I just can't wait to see how is utilized and the feedback we get on how much easier wedding planning becomes for so many brides out there.

7. Tell us about your gurus. How did you pick them? What will they be bringing to the Weddzilla community?

The Weddzilla Gurus are our team of celebrity wedding professionals that will be sharing their expertise and extensive experience with the Weddzilla Community. The Gurus are not only trendsetters in their respective fields, but are trusted names in the wedding industry. Whether they’re forecasting trends, blogging about their latest wedding experiences, or sharing their weekly tips, the Gurus act as an accessible advisory board for our Nearlyweds and Vendors and allows members of to gain access to, and feel connected with the leaders in their industry through our site.

8. Why have you made social media such an integral part of

Social media isn’t a trend, it isn’t going anywhere. It’s changing the way people interact and the way companies do business. The wedding industry is built around a very social community of brides and vendors. We wanted to create a site that took offline word-of-mouth and social networking and put it into an online format to create that same sense of community through our site. It’s all about engagement, continuous conversation, and instant feedback.

9. I notice you have a Weddzilla You Tube channel...any good videos we should be looking out for?

We actually just started putting up some videos to our channel. We want to make it a hub for cool wedding videos from our brides, or anything else wedding related. We’d love to have our users suggest videos to us to add to our site or as a favorite. In addition to wedding related videos you can find tutorials on how to use Weddzilla better, highlights from our launch party, and will be adding more content soon.

10. What’s on the horizon for Weddzilla? Tell us what we should be looking out for from you guys.

Up first is the Guru Awards - that is going to be really cool. We are all about social media and blogs play a huge role in the wedding community and we can’t wait to award 25 great blogs our Blog Guru 2010 title!

On the horizon are an iPhone app for Nearlyweds...if you thought the Weddmark was cool..wait till you see the iPhone app...It’s going to be addictive!

We have a whole bunch of new site features coming soon. The Ideabook, a new twist on the store, and we will be introducing “Wedding helpers” soon which allow our nearlweds to really get social and get their communities or, “wedding helpers” involved in the planning process.

11. Why did you start blogging?

I first started blogging as a way to journal my wedding planning - a place to collect ideas so I wouldn't forget. When i first started blogging, we didn't have the Weddmark, where I could easily just bookmark images into one place... so the blog was my version of "Weddmark"ing things. Then, it took on a life of its own. I found that researching traditions, colors and pretty much anything wedding related was fun - and it was informative. I also noted that if i wondered it, someone else probably did to, so why not document my research.

12. Why do you continue to blog now that you're married?

I'm still recapping the wedding, so that is one main reason I am still blogging - and I'm doing a very detailed job b/c my main goal with the blog was to document my wedding planning and wedding. Another main reason I still blog is b/c its a community that I've grown very fond of. Sharing, inspiring and just being supportive to others during this fun but also stressful & challenging period in a person's life makes me feel good.

13. Do you consider yourself a wedding junkie?

Yes. I do love all things weddings. I love weddings that aren't "my style." I love weddings that are "my style." I love weddings and all details about weddings. I really don't see how anyone can do a wedding detail "wrong" b/c it really is just an expression of one's personality. At the end of the day, and when the wedding planning is done and the ceremony begins... the main focus for me is the love, marriage, family & friends and happiness: and that's what i focus on when Bride walks in the door. It's completely idealistic, but for that one moment - i think its 150% OK to have no other thought in the world.

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