Top Hat

The top hat is sometimes associated with the upper class, becoming a target for satirists and social critics. It was particularly used as a symbol of capitalism in cartoons in socialist and communist media, long after the headgear had been abandoned by those satirized. It was a part of the dress of Uncle Sam and used as a symbol of US monopoly power. By the end of World War I, it had become a rarity, though it continued to be worn daily for formal wear, such as in London at various positions in the Bank of England and City stockbroking, or boys at some public schools...

Cute Top Hat with rabbit mode for adult.

Unique Top Hat with silver color.

Cute mini Top Hat with black color for women.

Luxury mini Top Hat with gold color for women.

Beautiful gray of Top Hat.

Elegant Top Hat with brown color.

Full black of Top Hat with black ribbon.

Beautiful white of Top Hat.

Elegant Top Hat with black color.

Simple design of Top Hat.