Older Woman

On the women older

Older woman will never accuse you of what you stole her best years, because they are until you've already stolen by someone else.

Older women run faster, because you always wear comfortable shoes.

Older woman more honest. She will call you "idiot" if you just behave with it accordingly. Young never call so because of fear of losing you.

Older woman had not become pregnant unexpectedly and suddenly decides that the two of you someone one to rush to get married. If the older woman becomes pregnant, you tend to budete the last to know.

Older woman will never suspect you that you are "using it". She's just using you.

Older woman just to call you and ask when you are comfortable to meet her, if you so desire. The young will also be an eternity to wait for the phone when you call her.

Older woman will never wake you up at night with a stupid question, "What are you thinking right now, darling?" Because she just does not care what you think.

Older woman always keeps a c0nd0m in her purse. Young is still hoping that will take care of you.

Older woman will cost you less. The young will cost you 12 glasses of Martini in the bar, and older woman will sleep with you after a cup of herbal tea at home.

Older woman may enjoy the day with bright red lipstick and not look like she just climbed into a jar of jam. This does not apply to a young girl.

Older woman always has a job where she has assumed medical insurance, including dental services. Young does not help you when your teeth hurt from playing hockey.

Older woman can cook. The young know the phone ordering pizza at a school around the corner.

Older woman will present you with all my friends. The young will hide you from them, that in your head you have not had an idea about ...

Older woman always has a delicious collection of luxury lingerie, the remainder of her former lovers. Teens rarely wear underwear, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a striptease.

Older woman foresight and sagacious. You never have to confess her affair on the side, because the devil-knows-how, but it is always herself about it already knows.

Older woman with a sense of self-esteem, so never arrange a tantrum in a public place.

Older woman are experienced and know that in bed you do not always get everything as it should after the 12th beer. The young can take a long time to realize this fact.

Older woman has a lot of girlfriends, most of whom also wants to sleep with you.